1. B

    Audio from Browser Sources is distorted and glitchy

    Hello, I currently have desktop audio for my stream muted as I want to control which audio sources are kept in my stream vods. I use audio application capture sources to achieve this. Due to this, I have to use "Control Audio Via OBS" and monitor and output in the advanced audio properties to...
  2. H

    Vod tracks for other streaming services than twitch

    Hello, I'm sure this has come up in the past, but I just wanted to throw it out there, twitch seems to be the only streaming service on obs where we can enable a vod track to pick and choose which audio goes in the vod. I was hoping to also stream to YouTube and tiktok, tiktok wouldn't be a...
  3. oseidwomoh8

    Automatically Find Input/Output Available With A Notification

    Dear OBS Devs, My idea or suggestion for OBS is to automatically find any audio (headphones or earbuds, microphones, speakers, etc) or another device (Display, etc) by notifying you that there is an audio or device connected via port or Bluetooth (for some devices that use Bluetooth) and if you...
  4. N

    AJA Kona 5 Help or High Quality SDI Capture Card Suggestion

    I work at a traditional broadcast studio and we've been asked to start looking into being able to stream (currently to Twitter) from the studios. Our infrastructure in the building all runs at 1080i50 and we had bought a Blackmagic DeckLink, which was very unhappy handling interlaced and...
  5. M

    Best budget laptop for OBS?

    Found out that my laptop is too weak to run OBS efficiently so I need recommendations for laptops that aren't super expensive that can run it well! I have a webcam that only runs with Windows so that's preferred! The laptop I have currently is the Lenovo IdeaPad 130s 14.0. It only has 1.1 GHz of...
  6. B

    Font Scaling in the OBS UI

    Hi there, I've used OBS studio extensively in both Windows and Linux environments. I have a 4k monitor, which I do not scale up, because my monitor is very large. I think the addition of the option to change UI font sizes in the general settings of OBS would be a huge improvement. It would...