AJA Kona 5 Help or High Quality SDI Capture Card Suggestion


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I work at a traditional broadcast studio and we've been asked to start looking into being able to stream (currently to Twitter) from the studios.

Our infrastructure in the building all runs at 1080i50 and we had bought a Blackmagic DeckLink, which was very unhappy handling interlaced and created lots of artefacts in the footage in OBS. We managed to get around this by upscaling to 1080p50 before the Blackmagic, but when trying to get an output from OBS back into our infrastructure for monitoring and backup recording, many of our devices wouldn't accept it (and several that did dropped frames). My colleague thought that this could be because Blackmagic produces a slightly different format of SDI progressive signal.

As a result we're looking for a new SDI capture card, preferably with multiple SDI Ins and Outs. We've obtained a demo AJA Kona 5 which frustratingly isn't compatible with OBS, so unless anyone has any suggestions on how to get it working, we're looking for suggestions for replacements. Money isn't really an object, reliability and functionality are our big requirements.

Thanks for your help!