1. jebba

    AJA Corvid and Kona Linux Kernel Drivers

    I have been using the AJA Corvid 88, Kona 4, and the Kona 3G video capture cards with OBS Studio under Debian. It works great. This is the source to the kernel driver from AJA, the manufacturer: https://github.com/aja-video/ntv2 One issue is the driver is "old" in the Linux kernel world, and...
  2. norihiro

    AJA Output Filter 0.2.3

    This is a simple plugin that provides a filter to send video to AJA output. The idea is inspired by Decklink Output Filter and majority of the code is copied from this plugin.
  3. superderek

    OBS Takes Over AJA Kona Card, Even When Not Used As a Source

    Hey there! I have an unusual setup in which I use two capture cards. One I use for capturing to OBS, then I take that card's passthrough and feed it to my AJA card for recording ProRes video through the AJA Control Room software. A recent OBS update though has broken this workflow. When I open...
  4. N

    AJA Kona 5 Help or High Quality SDI Capture Card Suggestion

    I work at a traditional broadcast studio and we've been asked to start looking into being able to stream (currently to Twitter) from the studios. Our infrastructure in the building all runs at 1080i50 and we had bought a Blackmagic DeckLink, which was very unhappy handling interlaced and...
  5. S

    AJA Corvid 88 Support

    Any chance there could be support for integrating AJA's SDK that would make that Corvid 88 capture card work with OBS? This would allow users to ingest 8 SDI signals into OBS. Currently they only support vMix, Wirecast, and a few other lesser known softwares.
  6. S

    Bug Report AJA KONA capture cards - Crashing Issue - Audio related

    Dear OBS comunity, this is my first post. As i'm gathering all the gear to start a channel i had the chance to get an Aja Kona LHI capture card. As stated in several threads these cards tend to crash OBS and no one seems to have a clue, after reading the log files it seems that the audio direct...
  7. Monsteer

    Question / Help AJA KONA HDMI

    Has everyone tried the AJA KONA HDMI https://www.aja.com/products/kona-hdmi in OBS Studio?