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  1. B

    Blackmagic Decklink input issue

    I maintain a couple of OBS systems and suddenly started running into a strange issue with one all of a sudden. It is a Windows 11 system with a few BlackMagic SDI and HDMI cards. Everything is up to date software and firmware wise. For some reason OBS will no longer see video from the...
  2. W

    Decklink Multi Output?

    Hi there, Hopefully I am posting to the right thread but I am looking to see if OBS supports sending the Program feed out to multiple Decklink SDIs? Currently I have Blackmagic Desktop Video using each SDI independently. I was wondering it would be possible to have OBS use this functionality...
  3. E

    Decklink Mini Monitor 4K - not configurable

    Hey hey, adding "Deckling Mini Monitor 4K" as a Blackmagic Device brings up the correct dialog, but Video Connection, Audio Connection and Mode are not clickable. Have a look: The decklink card works perfectly with Premiere, Resolve, YouNameIt. But is not configurable in OBS and output...
  4. I

    Decklink not outputting 2160p29.97 via Blackmagic UltraStudio 4k Mini

    I am trying to use a Blackmagic UltraStudio 4k Mini with OBS. The UltraStudio is connected to my PC via a Thunderbolt 3 connection and connected to my ATEM switcher (via a VideoHub) using the two SDI outputs. When I configure the Decklink extension to output 2160p29.97 no signal is sent out the...
  5. L

    Can I Use Blackmagic Design decklink duo 2 in OBS

    i want to use this (Blackmagic Design decklink duo 2) Bidirectional Card as .......... No1 - 4 camera input multi format (1080p60/50/30, 720p 60/50/30 etc.) Support (using HDMI to SDI blackmagic mini converter on camera ) No2 - 3 camera input and 1 SDI output send to projector or any display...
  6. G

    Blackmagic card: sound switches off

    I'm using OBS on a number of machines to do 24/7 live streaming, using the blackmagic SDI capture cards with embedded sound. All works initially but after a day or two, the source sound switches off. A work around is if I go to source properties, select eg HDMI and then select SDI again, the...
  7. Vadivel

    I am looking for change the blackmagic black screen if my cam off it should say Video Source Not Found or some images.

    I am looking for change the blackmagic black screen if my cam off it should say Video Source Not Found or some images.
  8. Jordi Terme

    Decklink output don't show mode

    Hi, I use Windows 10. I have a Decklink mini Monitor. I'm using it for external SDI recording with the OBS decklink output option. But, suddenly, after the last update, the mode of decklink output disappears and when I try to start vídeo, OBS Crashes! :( Thanks for your help!
  9. N

    AJA Kona 5 Help or High Quality SDI Capture Card Suggestion

    I work at a traditional broadcast studio and we've been asked to start looking into being able to stream (currently to Twitter) from the studios. Our infrastructure in the building all runs at 1080i50 and we had bought a Blackmagic DeckLink, which was very unhappy handling interlaced and...
  10. R

    OSX Big Sur + OBS 26.1

    So i just upgraded to OBS 26.1 from doing the upgrade within OBS. Everything was working perfectly before getting our video/audio feed from our Blackmagic decklink duo device which is getting the audio/video feed from our Blackmagic ATEM. After upgrading to OBS 26.1 the video screen is now just...
  11. J

    Blackmagic Decklink duo 2 stopped working with recent update

    All my cameras are fed in thru our Decklink Duo 2... Normally works great.. finally got around to updating to the latest release and to my dismay all my cameras show GREEN for their output into obs and I couldn't get them to work. Needless to say I downgraded with success and my cameras work as...
  12. M

    DeckLink Mini Recorder does not recognize in OBS

    Guys, I need a help. Currently, I broadcast live the services of the CHURCH, we use the LIVESTREAM STUDIO. we have two DECKLINK Mini RECORDER capture cards, one of which received the camera and the other the image projection. Works perfectly on Livestream. However I would love to use OBS, but...
  13. G

    Program Output Compatibility with Blackmagic UltraStudio HD Mini

    Hi Everyone. I'm wondering if anyone has used the BlackMagic UltraStudio HD Mini with macOS and can confirm whether or not the program feed from OBS can be sent out of the HDMI and/or SDI output ports? The device connects via Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C port). It has SDI in/out, analog in, and HDMI...
  14. M

    Question / Help Audio / Video Sync Issues on Output

    Hi, I'm quite confused why this is the case, so perhaps someone can clear this up for me. I am capturing SDI sources in using a BlackMagic Decklink Duo 2. In OBS the video and audio look to be in sync. When I output via either the Decklink, NDI, or HDMI, there is a massive difference between the...
  15. N

    Question / Help Scene or Source to Decklink output

    Hi, I do use OBS on Windows with a DeckLink Quad 2 using 6 SDI input channels as sources and 1 SDI output channel for "program" display. The OBS "Decklink Output" Tool works perfectly for "program" and "preview", but I would need to display a "source" or a "scene" on a DeckLink output. Is there...
  16. G

    Question / Help OBS Blackmagic Source Black After Reopening Program

    I have a Windows 7 PC that has 3 BLackmagic cards. I added my video input via blackmagic device under one of the decklink options with an input of 1080i 59.94. The video feed shows up and everything works fine. But when I close out of OBS and reopen it, the source shows a black screen. To get...
  17. D

    Question / Help Getting Started- Blackmagic card, thunderbolt chassis, macbook pro

    Hi all, Hoping for some advice (as I'm more an audio person than a video person). I'd like to stream video captured via Blackmagic Decklink card. I know this card is working properly, as I can see/hear my embedded video via Blackmagic Media Express software. However, when I add a video...