1. N

    I have a Blackmagic ATEM SDI PRO ISO, can I get it to work with macros?

    Hi I have a Blackmagic ATEM SDI PRO ISO with 4 switches on it, when OBS reads it it reads it as one input, is there a way to make it that I can use a macro to switch? or is there a way to make it when I switch on the blackmagic that it changes scenes or has other things pop up? basically one is...
  2. P

    Random audio clicking / clipping - sounds like rate mismatch but it's not

    Have been running livestreams on Macs with OBS for the last 3 years of pandemic and in fall 2020 started getting this issue with the occasional clicking / popping / clipping in the audio. (seemed to coincide with Big Sur update?) I have tried a variety of Blackmagic capture devices - Ultrastudio...
  3. I

    Green screen on launch/presets

    I am using OBS to make local recordings from the SDI in port of a Blackmagic UltraStudio HD Mini, connected to my mac mini via Thunderbolt. I have the "Use Preset" option unchecked in order to be able to specify 1920x1080 resolution, which works perfectly - until I quit and re-open OBS. At that...
  4. D

    Decklink Output on M1 Mac Mini has blue tint

    I have been using OBS to test a Blackmagic Ultrastudio Monitor 3G and the Decklink Output plugin on a M1 Mac Mini. While the display does come through, it has a blue tint (see image below). I have already replaced the unit and still have the same issue. When testing using the Blackmagic Express...
  5. Tctutt

    Decklink Output Question

    Hi, I am currently doing some research on the decklink output in obs. I was wondering if the decklink output outputs audio and video or just video?
  6. A

    Blackmagic Decklink Mini Recorder variable Audio/Video Sync Issue

    We use a black magic decklink mini recorder to capture the audio and video from our Canon xa35. We use this source in conjunction with others to mix for our live stream and are recordings which we upload to our various accounts later. For the past several months we have had an issue where...
  7. M

    PAL 50i Support on Blackmagic Ultrastudio Device

    Hi all. I'm afraid I'm very new to OBS so please go easy. :-) I'm trying to configure a system for a pal of mine (who uses OBS for streaming) to allow him to output through a Blackmagic Ultrastudio Monitor 3G device for local presentations. For one reason and another the output can be...
  8. V

    Can anyone recommend an external device that captures multiple HDMI inputs that OBS can see?

    Essentially, I would love to find something like the Blackmagic DeckLink Quad HDMI Recorder card, but external. An external HDMI capture device that handles multi-inputs that OBS can see as separate. I see the Blackmagic ATEM Extreme and other controllers like that, but wouldn't they defeat the...
  9. DayGeckoArt

    OBS shows 1080i60 video but records alternate frames duplicated

    I've been trying to record component 1080i60 video and wondering why the recording looks so much worse than it does on the screen. It turns out my Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k is giving 1080i60 video to OBS and OBS is displaying it properly as 60 frames per second with each interlaced "half"...
  10. L

    OBS crashes mid-stream and won't process ATEM mini pro as video capture device anymore

    Hi. Today, in the middle of stream, OBS crashed (no scene switch, everything was static), and after rebooting obs, the capture device wouldn't process incoming video from a Blackmagic ATEM Mini pro. I know that the device itself works, because my windows "camera" app correctly handles the...
  11. C

    OBS not playing nice with Blackmagic

    This past Sunday OBS would not output my Blackmagic switcher. Everything is routed correctly; when I go into the properties of my device I can see what is on the switcher. Therefore, it makes me wonder if this has to do with the new update (27.1.3) because this started after updating OBS. Is...
  12. C

    Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro - does not load into OBS

    I have been running an ATEM Mini Pro now for a couple of months. I've used it for live streaming on my MacBook Air M1 Big Sur 11.5.2 through OBS 27.0.1 to Youtube. It all works fine except I have problems loading the ATEM Mini Pro as a video source. I first have to deselect the ATEM Mini Pro (it...
  13. Vadivel

    I am looking for change the blackmagic black screen if my cam off it should say Video Source Not Found or some images.

    I am looking for change the blackmagic black screen if my cam off it should say Video Source Not Found or some images.
  14. Payaso_83

    Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder doesn't show

    Well, on my last transmission, I couldn't configure my BUMR, because doesn't show it on the options of "new input"... So!!!... I upgrade the last "Desktop Video" and now work perfectly (I had the 10.10), with fewer options than before and some news... I leave you the link to download it: This...
  15. R

    Video Distortion and Color Bars in YouTube via OBS and Blackmagic

    I have run over 500 live streams using OBS in conjunction with YouTube. The last two days I have had an issue I have never seen before and I cannot figure out what is causing this issue. We are pushing a stream of PowerPoint slides and audio of a person talking. The audio is unaffected. The...
  16. Silbad

    Intensity Pro - no input...but why?

    Hi everybody, I found this forum in need of some help - I got a Blackmagic Intensity Pro from a friend recently, so I could capture some newer gaming consoles like PS3, C64 mini or the new Atari VCS for my retro gaming channel. He got this card untested out of a dead customers PC, as he works...
  17. N

    AJA Kona 5 Help or High Quality SDI Capture Card Suggestion

    I work at a traditional broadcast studio and we've been asked to start looking into being able to stream (currently to Twitter) from the studios. Our infrastructure in the building all runs at 1080i50 and we had bought a Blackmagic DeckLink, which was very unhappy handling interlaced and...
  18. R

    URGENT!!! Audio works in OBS but we aren't getting audio on the stream!

    This started happening recently. Ive looked at tones of other forum post related to this problem but none of the "fixes" helped us. Audio and video comes from our BlackMagic Web Presenter. Media sources like .mp3 files play audio correctly on the stream but not our Web Presenter. We have all...
  19. F

    Occasional black frames with Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k capture

    I'm using obs 26.1.0 on arch linux. I have a Sony A6100 camera outputting 2160p29.97 YUV 4:2:2 plugged into a blackmagic intensity pro 4k, and am using the decklink 11.7 drivers. Adding a blackmagic device source mostly works in OBS (after enabling DesktopVideoHelper.service with systemctl)...
  20. F

    OBS & Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt: The Eternal Struggle

    Hello everyone. So I've been recently having trouble with getting my Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt and my OBS to work together. More so than usual. Mac (with the juice to do it) macOS Catalina 10.15.7 Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt vs 11.4.1 OBS 26.0.2 I recently had to call the Blackmagic...