Random audio clicking / clipping - sounds like rate mismatch but it's not


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Have been running livestreams on Macs with OBS for the last 3 years of pandemic and in fall 2020 started getting this issue with the occasional clicking / popping / clipping in the audio. (seemed to coincide with Big Sur update?) I have tried a variety of Blackmagic capture devices - Ultrastudio Mini, Ultrastudio 3G, Web Presenter, UltraStudio HD Mini. We've streamed on 5 different computers and various Mac OS and OBS builds over the years. We've checked sample rates on everything and as far as we can tell, everything is in 48K. And the problem happens seemingly at random. The only possible correlation I can think of is that it happens after OBS has been open for a while. Not even streaming for a while - just the program open on the computer.

Here is the most recent log file from this happen. You can see at 19:09ish that we add a new audio source and switch to it and that fixes the problem. This clicking / popping has happened on both audio sources but it seems to go away when we switch from one to the other.

I have been trying to get reliable not-clicking audio for 2.5 years.... any insight would be appreciated.

Here's an example of the clicking sound from a few months ago: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2rrggka8962c4ro/Audio clicking sample.mp4?dl=0

Will get the more recent clip up asap