1. G

    Question / Help Streaming when equalizer on.

    So i use Equalizer APO on my headset when i stream the sounds are equalized to its so bad.How can i stream with normal qualitty when i still use Apo.
  2. F

    Bug Report VLC source no sound

    Hello, I discovered a problem with the VLC source. I need to stream one TV program via DVB-T card. For a long time it worked through a VLC source. I use the M3U file: # EXTM3U #EXTVLCOPT: program = 8452 dvb-t: // frequency = 666000 It always worked great, but now only video works, but the...
  3. S

    Question / Help HQ audio and video, cant have both?

    is there any way record high quality audio while also recording video in high quality? Whenever i use "standard" type with NVENC h.264 (new) i get amazing video recordings however the audio quality is not and i need the audio to sound high quality while i'm recording a game that is based around...
  4. C

    Question / Help Microphone Audio Muting When You Hear Windows Sound

    I was recording a microphone test, when i suddenly pressed something. A loud windows sound was heard and then my microphone in the video just... strarted to be like when you watch those black dots bouncing on the tv screen. When i watched it, i was able to hear nothing for two seconds. i...
  5. Doomer

    Question / Help There is any way to reduce Desktop Audio when we have Mix/Aux audio detected?

    I would like to reduce Desktop Audio captured automatically when OBS detect Mix/Aux sound, and reverse to previous level on Desktop Audio when Mic/Aux does not have sound detected, is it possible? Thanks a lot and regards
  6. B

    Question / Help Noise one hour into session

    Hi there. About one hour or so into every session a terrible noise appears in the audio and makes the recording unusable. Exiting and relaunching OBS Studio makes the audio good again, until the noise reappears. I am getting my audio through a BMD DeckLink Mini Recorder 4K. I have used other...
  7. O

    Question / Help How to record sound from only one screen + Microphone?

    What do I want? - Record Desktop 1 - Record Microphone OBS is currently recording all sound sources.... means - Desktop 1 - Desktop 2 - Desktop 3 - Microphone Welll... thats all I have to say ^^ please help!
  8. L

    Question / Help OBS echoes or doesn't give sound at all when streaming?

    Hi, i downloaded OBS for streaming on twitch, and for some reason if I have both desktop and mic/aux on, my stream echoes horribly. In order to get rid of the echo, i have to turn off the desktop audio, but then my stream can only hear me and not my game. If I leave desktop audio on by itself...
  9. S

    Question / Help Separating sound in the mixer doesn't work

    (English is not my first language and my OBS is in Spanish, so be patient pls) Hi, I've been trying to separate my mic audio from my desktop (or game) audio and from videos I found on YouTube I had to make multiple channels (spanish screenshot below showing I chose 3 channels) The dude in the...
  10. C

    Question / Help OBS how can I get rid of the mic playback?

    I am constantly hearing everything that comes thru my mic and it's super irritating. I also have no clue how to fix that, because even turning off my mic in the audiomixer doesn't help at all. Please someone tell me how to disable the microphone playback so I won't always hear myself when OBS...
  11. E

    Question / Help ElGato vs OBS sound problems

    Was having problems streaming. I posted my log to see if anyone could help. Basically in a nutshell I stream one game through my xbox, and the rest I play on my computer. Everything is encoded with OBS but I have it extremely ghetto rigged. I would like to get my settings down so I'm not...
  12. S

    Question / Help How can i make it so my viewers can hear background music louder than me? But other sounds remain normal

    hey, How can i make it so my viewers can hear background music louder than me? But other sounds remain normal (discord, game sounds) Whenever i play competitive games i need to hear game sounds but if i add background music i cant be focused on game. And when i turn it down then people complain...
  13. T

    Question / Help Help, Sound Breaking

    Hello I been experiencing lots of audio issues with some of the last games i stream AC Odissey, F1 2018 even Warframe at points, it happens both while streaming and not streaming ( only sometimes ) the audio just starts glitching and breaking, let me know if anybody has experience this before ...
  14. Q

    Question / Help Audio Ducking When Stream Alerts Occur (StreamLabels)

    I have audio ducking enabled through a compressor for my mic to desktop/game audio, but I would like to know if there is way to duck desktop/game audio when an alert occurs (it is a source and not an audio input). For example, someone follows/subscribes to my channel during a live stream on...
  15. T

    Question / Help Ingame Sound is muffled and has bad quality

    Hey Guys, The Ingame sound while streaming is muffled, but i hear it clear. In the VODs and live the sound is supressed and sounds terrible.... And i have to say that my mic sound is good Here is the log: Im new to OBS :/ Best Greetings
  16. JonesGaming

    Question / Help I can hear my alerts when i am in another scene?

    Hello, as the title says i can hear my alerts when i am in another scene where alerts are not included. So i have my talk scene using webcam, background image, chatbox and my alerts. I then switch into my Gaming scene having the gamesource, my webcam and the Streamlabs event list. If someone...
  17. NordishD

    Question / Help Sound is stuttering at end of Stream

    Hello, I have recently had the problem that the sound (mic, system sound, etc.) at the end of my stream starts to stutter. Unfortunately, I could not reproduce the mistake, it is only noticeable that it happens when switching to the last scene. I suspected that it might be because I finished the...
  18. D

    Mic does not pick up certain sound as I speak

    Downloaded the OBS software not long ago. Watched some videos about how to configure your first OBS experience and begin recording. Seemed like the person with the guide had no problems at all with the sound quality and sound overall. Tried to record a video of me just talking and testing out...
  19. K

    Question / Help MIC/AUX audio doubling/echoing

    basically what the title says how do I fix it
  20. LastofAvari

    Question / Help Game sound level appears fine in OBS mixer, but too low in the recording

    It was working just fine on Windows 7, then I had to install Windows 10 after upgrade to Intel 8th gen hardware and now, when I record with OBS, its volume meters show good levels, but in the recorded file game audio is way too low, while mic is fine. What I've already checked: 1. OBS volume is...