1. C

    Audio Capture Not Working

    Hello everyone, I recently built a new PC and I'm having trouble getting the audio to work. It randomly stops working. I can disable the audio sources and reenable them and it works for a short while, but it seems like when I switch scenes, it breaks again. Here are some logs...
  2. A

    Set a db to always automatically reach obs

    Hello, can we just set a db to always automatically reach obs ? Like I always want to be in -3 because sometime there is videos that the sound is less and I want to automatically upgrade with no touch. Thank you !
  3. J

    Screen capture & sound

    Hello, I would like to take a screenshot of a number on a web page, and be notified of a sound when it changes. Otherwise it would force me to keep my eyes riveted on the screen and in the long run could get boring quickly. Is that possible ? Thank you in advance for your answers. Have a...
  4. D

    BEST audio without adding filters

    Hi there, I'm exporting mkv files, and i've connected a simple boya microphone. Issue is: Some times, audio will output at higher volume Sometimes, it will go out at a lower volume Sometimes, it will go out in a better quality, some times isn't so clear. So it's weird, though i'm not changing...
  5. rio197

    How can I make OBS Studio sound as loud as Streamlabs OBS?

    Hi! How can I make OBS Studio sound as loud as Streamlabs OBS? Here's an example of a video I made in Streamlabs OBS where the sound is nice and loud: Here are my Sound Filter settings on Streamlabs OBS, which I've tried to use on OBS Studio but the result...
  6. Lewzke

    DJ headphone channel downmixes to the stream

    Dear streamers, My problem is when I set the OBS to 2.0 channel sound output, the OBS downmixes my DJ listening channel too to the output. And that is bad for me. I only want the first two channel to my stream. I can only stream when I set the output to 4.0 (my DJ mixer native channel) and I use...
  7. F

    Problem audio in Windows 10 in Mac with Bootcamp

    Hi everyone! I've been getting troubles trying to get audio for streaming but I'm not hearing anything. I'm using MacBook 2018 Pro Bootcamp and use OBS Studio in Windows 10. The speakers works (it's a 2.1 speaker connected to Mac using 3.5 mm Jack) and I listen the game/window/whatever. But the...
  8. R

    Game Output Audio Filters effect my mic sounds

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to set audio on my obs studios. Have an input capture source setup for my blue yeti microphone and an output capture source for my realtek audio driver to capture game audio from my pc. I have the mic audio set to full and the game audio set to half but when i record and...
  9. K


    Hello - problem with sound I have a new macbook pro with an M1 processor. OBS sees the device but has no sound. I have tried many settings and nothing changes that. All the time silence. Help my friends
  10. H

    OBS Playback help

    Hi Guys, This is my first post. I am currently trying to get OBS software to work with a church mixer. Currently we have a win10 pc hooked up to a Mackie FX Pro 22 v2 board. I am not a sound person so I dont know much about the sound board at all. Currently I got the program to record but when...
  11. O


    Hello, I have JBL 460BT Bluetooth headset and there is no sound problem. There is no sound when I open the obs program. How can I solve it?
  12. J

    sound/audio issdues

    when i watch a youtube video and i start my stream and open the game im about to play it often breaks the sound and than i have to open a new youtube video this wont play and just gives a black loading screen and also have to open the soundproblem solution and after about 10 a 15 min i get my...
  13. S

    Discord sound of my Friends is to quiet

    Hello, when im streaming Call of Duty: Warzone i have to reduce the volume of my desktop audio to -12db so the gamesound isn't to loud in my stream, but when i do that my friends in discord are also quieter so you cant really understand what they say. If anyone knows what the best solution is...
  14. L

    Kein Ton bei Medienquelle (Video)

    Hi, Ich habe eine Problem mit dem Ton der Medienquelle. Es kommt einfach keiner raus haha. Das video was ich reingemacht habe hat aber Ton. Auf dem Forum steht irgendwas von Monotoring aber das gibt es bei mir nicht. Bitte um schnelle Antwort ist für schulprojekt. Lg Max
  15. cherepashkin

    How to record a screen with sound, but with master mixer setted on 0?

    I would like to record a conference, but I do not want to hear it loudly, but just to do my stuff. Can I still record sound in obs if the main volume in windows is screwed on zero?
  16. C

    Broken audio when playing pre recorded videos

    Hello, I'm doing some testing for a concert that I'm broadcasting in a few weeks that involves pre-recorded videos being played. The issue is with the pre-recorded videos, the audio is utterly broken when they're played and I can't for the life of me work out why. Here's a link because I'm...
  17. T

    Sound Bug

    Hey all! I have a strange problem. When I start the stream or start a recording, my output is buggy. My own voice or input sounds perfect. I have no clue how to solve the problem especially since the problem was there from one day to the next. I haven`t change anything in the settings.. You...
  18. N

    My desktop audio sounds really bad. It sounds like its being recorded through a microphone and nothing has helped me so far. here is my log. this is the first time ive ever had this issue and until now my audio has been working fine.
  19. R

    Sound Monitoring with filter

    Hi, how can i monitoring a sound source with filter to a VB-Audio-Virtual-Cable?
  20. N

    Non-Free Speachy 1.0

    An all-in-one VST plugin, specifically designed for streamers and content creators in mind. Compression, analogue saturation, noise reduction and gate, de-esser, de-plosive, EQ and dynamic EQ, limiter and even subtle stereo spread. Effectively 10 plugins in 1, with minimal controls and presets...