1. R

    OBS Microphone Sound cuts out after a few seconds

    Hi there! I have a problem with my Microphone only in OBS (Discord or other things work perfectly fine) The sound cuts out after a few seconds. You can see it in the Video i posted. (Link) The Microphone is connected via Auxilary...
  2. M

    No sound while live streaming

    We live-stream our church services through OBS and have our pre-mixed sound come into the computer through the digital card on the sound board. It has worked well up until this past Sunday. there was no sound in the live stream, through monitoring headphones i could hear the sound, but in the...
  3. R

    Hotkeys not working

    Hello, my binds for mute sound not working. Only way I can mute microphone is through Logitech ghub using app connection and setup binds in keyboard. Its ok but I have several sounds to mute by sound split plugin and Ghub only support mic and system sounds mute/unmute. In obs my binds like...
  4. Carlfortune

    Discord Sound Issue

    Hello, buddies. Which way are you? I'm a new member of this forum, and this is also my first post. Guys, I've recently been having a problem with Discord. There is no other sound coming from my machine in Discord. I've made efforts to repair the problem, but to no avail. Regarding this, I have...
  5. L

    No sound on stream below 480p

    Hello i have a problem. If someone watch stream at 360/240 or below they dont hear a stream sound, its just gone on 720/480 or any higher sound is fine This is my output/audio settings
  6. F

    Only mic audio gets recorded

    No other sources in obs are recorded other than my mic. I can see the Desktop Audio green bar go up and nothing is muted. I run obs as admin, checked settings a bunch and nothing seems to fix it. I was using multiple audio tracks before it broke and they worked. I've tried changing the audio...
  7. S

    Stereo to mono conversion while adding MXF files

    Hello there! I'd like to report a slight issue while using MXF (Material Exchange Format) files. For some reason, the program converts stereo sound to mono. When I open an MXF file in a video editor, it shows "Stereo", but when I open in OBS and then go to advanced audio properties, I can't see...
  8. B

    My recordings sound different than the way they should - Underwater

    So, I've been trying to use obs for a while now, and the only issue I've run into so far is that my recordings sound like they were captured underwater. I've Recorded Valorant, Ghostrunner, and Minecraft... They all have an undersea sound. Even my voice. Log file...
  9. S

    Double Sound?

    I don't know what else I could do. I just hear the double Sound. Settings: Audio: Desktop Audio: default microphone/AUX Audio: digital audio interface (?) (USB3.0.capture) And the rest is deactivated Audio Mixer: Desktop: monitor off Mikrophone: monitor only
  10. A

    Buzzing sound when I go live!

    OBS seems to be outputting me entire audio feed as a buzzing sound. Sometimes it works fine at the first 2 minutes of going live, but then it starts with the buzzing sound. Why is this happening and is there anyway to prevent this from happening?
  11. J

    Double Overlaid Desktop Audio | Windows 10

    Hi, I have been experiencing an annoying issue with OBS whilst trying to record videos. I have set up a scene with a display capture recording my entire screen. The audio mixer is set to default with 'Desktop Audio' as a channel that is displaying sound movement on the scale when desktop...
  12. L

    Win Capture Audio plugin bug

    When capturing sound with this plugin, in some applications there is a very strange buggy sound. Is there any way to fix this?
  13. T

    Separate Desktop Audio in two to use ZOOM

    Hi guys. Yes, first i know I have a complicated configuration, but maybe you can help me use this as i intended: My problem is, that i want to be able to monitor and hear what comes out of the stream but if I do it ill double the audio because I am using ZOOM to comunicate with my coworkers...
  14. J

    Can compressor release time limit be extended?

    I am using the compressor, limiter and expander plugins to automatically raise and lower the sound-volume on some sources, but the release-times on each plugin can not go higher than 1 second. Is there some way to extend that to longer times? Ideally up to 5 or 10 seconds. I have looked into...
  15. V

    Muffled sound on recording. And only good when audio driver is turned off. Possibly a bug.

    I am tinkering here for more then 6 hours already and i am extremely frustrated and exhausted. In detail: I spent alot of time trying all the types of settings, a billon of googling. And nothing worked, no matter the OBS/Windows settings the sound is...
  16. HowlingCoder

    Semi-free HC-Boards 1.0.2

    What can HC-Boards do? To put it short HC-Boards allows you to assign effects to several keyboard shortcuts. Enrich your stream with memes, reactions, notifications, and much more! A single keypress is enough! Link media from websites directly or Use your local files Global shortcuts...
  17. C

    Separate sound with 1 headset.

    Hey! I'm new to OBS and streaming and to keep it short I wonder: How do I make my stream pickup the sound from youtube & current game I'm playing, without the sound from discord? I've tried google, but I can't really seem to find the right answer. Is this even possible when you only have 1...
  18. S

    OBS Lua Sound notification on replay buffer save [Windows] 1.0

    A simple Lua script which plays a .wav sound whenever replay buffer is saved. Credits: upgradeQ, Gima
  19. D

    Sound problem with my file video

    Hi When I make a live streaming on Teams via OBS, I have a sound problem. in OBS source I read/I broadcast a video of 20min in format H264 MP4 48HZ 24 bits stereo. Some parts of the video are heard correctly by the participants, including the part of the video where the presenter’s voice is...
  20. X

    OBS Record

    Recorded the moment through OBS (2 audio tracks) But for some reason the audio track with PC sounds (game, discord, etc.) lags behind the video