1. S

    OBS recording freezes while recording Zoom meeting

    I am recording zoom meetings through OBS. Sometimes my video recordings from OBS glitch and freeze while the meeting is still going. What’s the best way to prevent this? I’m also recording the zoom meeting through zoom to the cloud at the same time as the OBS recordings. Any advice would be...
  2. K

    No system audio on mac

    I want to record a video with a sound on my Mac with MacOS 13.6.2 using OBS Studio 31.1.2. There is no signal from Desktop Audio source. I tried adding Audio Output Capture and macOS Audio Capture but the only sound I get is from my microphone from the Mic/Aux source. Any suggestion how to fix this?
  3. Z

    Mac OS, how to change the webcam virtual device name ?

    Hello, How can I change the name of the virtual webcam which is currently "OBS Virtual Camera" on Mac OS ? On windows we can do it through registry but there is no registry on Mac OS, Ive tried to grep -r "OBS Virtual Camera" on the app folder but without success, Is there any way to do it...
  4. 276ccm

    Screenshot timer

    Hi, is there a way, or a plugin for having a timer for taking a screenshot or several screenshots in OBS Studio for Mac? I guess if there is a time lapse function that take photos, it can work too and I can choose the photo I want/need? Thanks in advance, Marius :-)
  5. corbu

    Trying to output multiple audio tracks, but OBS puts all audio on 1 track

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to do something seemingly basic on a Mac. Record my screen, with system audio Record my laptop mic Output system audio to Track 1 Output mic audio to Track 2 I'm recording to MKV, have tracks 1 and 2 enabled in Settings, and have the tracks assigned/checked in...
  6. ikester

    Change OBS Virtual Camera frame rate (fps)?

    Does anybody know of a way to change the frame rate that the OBS virtual camera generates? I have my general video settings configured for 24 fps but the virtual camera still sends 60 fps. I haven't found any setting that allows me to tweak the Virtual Camera's frame rate directly either.
  7. S

    Desktop audio coming through mic/aux

    I just updated OBS on MacOS yesterday to the most recent version. I had no issues prior to yesterday when it came to the separation of my mic and my desktop audio in my mixer. I use a UA Apollo audio interface with a mic. My advanced audio properties show that my mic and desktop audio are both...
  8. bramses

    Removing Sources Crashes OBS [v30.1.0]

    Any time I remove a source, OBS crashes automatically. I can open in safe mode and remove sources correctly, but the issue persists the next time I open in normal mode.
  9. B

    Suddenly MASSIVE Stream Issues on OBS

    I've streamed for years and over the last 7/8 months I've used the same OBS settings and it's worked a treat Suddenly I was getting really bad dropped frames outof no where, I tested my internet and it was completely fine as usual, I looked at the settings and dropped the bitrate from the usual...
  10. R

    Help Please! AirPods audio input sounds worse on Mac

    I was using OBS for screen recording on my Mac using AirPods. So, when I use my AirPods for both input and output audio capture, the sound quality kinda sucks on my Mac. I've been reading up online, and apparently, Bluetooth headsets have two modes. When you use them for both input and output...
  11. S

    When trying to recording on Macbook Pro M3, I get an error. Changing my encoder doesn't fix

    It tells me "Starting the output failed. Please check the log for details." Here's the log: 13:36:05.379: CPU Name: Apple M3 Pro 13:36:05.379: CPU Speed: 2400MHz 13:36:05.379: Physical Cores: 12, Logical Cores: 12 13:36:05.379: Physical Memory: 18432MB Total 13:36:05.379: OS Name: Mac OS X...
  12. A

    Video-2-Mac kit - sound but no video

    Hello folks, I've got a stack of VHS home movies to convert, and I've picked up the Video-2-Mac kit taking the SCART adaptor > red/white/yellow > into iMac. I can play the VHS tape, and the audio flows perfectly, and records, but the video screen remains a blue rectangle flashing away in OBS...
  13. I

    A little problem with workspaces

    Hello, I'm using OBS on mac, so far so good but there is a problem I would like to solve. Hope someone can help. I use a lot of workspaces on mac (multiple desktops aka mission control) and also I have two displays, and when I launch OBS on a given desktop in a given display it does not "find"...
  14. markjay

    Text (FreeType2) With Templates 2024-02-19

    This is an enhancement to the Text (FreeType2) source for Windows. With it, you can enter text such as: Then, you can go to Tools->Edit Text (GDI+) With Templates Variables That will show you the variables that it has found across all of your scenes: Then, you can fill them in: And, you...
  15. V

    OBS optimized for Mac OS Sonoma

    I’m still running Mac OS Venture 13 because when I previously updated to Sonoma 14.x OBS studio would not open. Unfortunately now my Mac OS Ventura has been having clock, night mode and displays (3) reshuffle issues. After reviewing 2X with Apple supple they recommended the only fix at this...
  16. A

    Centering Text

    Hello everyone! I run a sports broadcast network and used OBS for a year on Windows with great success! We've switched to Macs and are having issues designing graphics. Is there a real way to center text like numbers for scorebugs? I've tried many methods to no avail. Thank you!
  17. R

    Audio extremely quiet despite being set at 100%

    Hello. I am having issues with OBS where when recording, the audio I capture is extremely quiet, despite my setting the audio volume to 100%. My specs are: MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013): Processor: 2.6 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel Iris 1536...
  18. T

    OBS Audio Crashing and Frame Rate Stuttering after 5 mins stream live

    Hi, I love OBS but today, it's terrible. After 5 mins or so, everything goes super slow, dropped frames, and I cannot hear anything from OBS. Tried restarting my stream/OBS about 5 times by now. Not great when I am trying to stream during the holidays. Any ideas? I'm on Mac M1 Max fully loaded...
  19. R

    Why does one video quality not match what my camera is showing?

    I have had this issue throughout my computers even through upgrading to a Mac mini m2 chip. But why doesn’t my one recording/playback not match what I see on my Sony zv-e10 (I’m not very technical so I’m might be explaining things wrong) What’s weird is when I use boot camp to add windows to my...
  20. P

    OBS 30.0.2 Crash in Sonoma 14.2

    After I updated my Mac to Sonoma 14.2, my OBS 30.0.2 no longer opens. It even opens for 3 seconds and closes. I have already tried previous versions of obs but the problem persists. Someone with the same problem?