1. B

    Can anyone help me understand what is happening?(Desperate please)

    I do not receive any video feed from my capture card. Initially, doing Edit Transform and adjusting the size to 1920x1080 gave me video, but after streaming twice the size's height and width both remain stuck at 90001.00x90001.00. I have tried rebooting my computer, deleting the capture device...
  2. shadrchy

    Is the future of OBS for Macs at stake with Apple’s new silicon for Macs?

    Hey guys! I was just wondering how OBS will be ported to Apple’s ARM based Macs. Apple is making the Mac Development Kit available to its Mac developers. So may be we should start working on porting OBS to ARM based Macs?
  3. A

    iPad as a streaming device for PC/MAC

    I don't know if this is possible but I was hoping to find out if I can or hope this could be done with a future update/developed for the iOS devices or at least the iPad. OBS Studio for the iPad were you can stream what you are doing on your PC/Mac it would be very helpful for some (like me)...
  4. B

    Application Not Responding

    I am using a brand new Macbook Pro. When I open a browser source the application freezes and stops responding. This leaves me with the only option to force quit. Please help me.
  5. B

    OBS can't detect my running game

    I'm trying to set up OBS to stream a game, but when I open the game OBS can't detect it. I know that I need to do the window capture to capture the game itself because syphon can't detect it, but when I open its properties and the game is running, it detects everything but the game itself. Is...
  6. T

    Audio Drops Out When Alertbox Sound is triggered

    Hi everyone, I've had this problem before and spent hours trying to resolve it, only for it to randomly fix itself with no explanation. Pretty much what happens is when a sound plays from the browser source (Streamlabs alertbox), the microphone signal completely cuts out and OBS disconnects...
  7. HairzoScherzo

    Help needed for Dark/Pixilated Image

    Log File: Currently I'm trying to Stream my PS4 (slim) using an AverMedia LGP2+. Not just on OBS, but on RECentral (the free software by AverMedia) and StreamLabs express the Preview for the game capture is always dark and it comes up as dark in my...
  8. Auroraambria

    NDI iPad black screen

    I have a Mac with the latest iOS. Downloaded NDI today. Got a black screen on OBS display. Audio works for iPad in OBS, just video is out. To solve I: Checked firewall for allowance Checked Ethernet (turned off and on) Made sure iPad and computer were on same WiFi Uninstalled and...
  9. N

    Error Windows Capture OBS Mac High Sierra (10.13.6)

    Hi ! I am having a problem in the "window capture" mode as you can see on the vide. Any referential or possible solution to this problem? Thanks! (Sorry for my bad English)
  10. M

    Question / Help OBS Camera plug in for iPad video freezes then only sends Audio.

    Hello, I am Using OBS Camera IOS app and successfully had used my iPad Mini2. But it seems after update to IOS 12.4.7 I get the video freezes then only sends audio. Using USB cables swapped with iPhone11pro running the same app works like a charm. The Built camera is working just fine. I...
  11. brs10

    Bug Report Zoom re-enabled virtual cams... but OBS virtual cam still doesn't work?

    Good news! Zoom's latest update on May 24 fixed the issue that blocked virtual cameras! I was able to get other virtual camera software (e.g. ManyCam) working on Zoom, but OBS's virtual camera still doesn't work on Zoom. Another data point: my OBS virtual camera works in Google Meet -- just not...
  12. yuletide

    Bug Report Crashed Thread: rtmp-stream

    This is a new one! Log 1: Log 2:
  13. I

    Question / Help Elgato streamlab xbox issue

    Could someone please help. I am getting this one link please select capture device when I try and an ndi source on stream labs, just got my elgato capture card and trying to get it all up and running tonight. Please help.
  14. R

    Question / Help Live stream theme.. WTF brah

    lol.. hello everyone. im gonna just say it now. im a noob when it comes to OBS. I just down loaded it yesterday. I really enjoy it so far. Rite now I'm stuck trying to add my live stream remote play window to the theme live page. The theme has downloaded just fine. My problem is with the live...
  15. N

    Question / Help Display Capture > Crop To Window not working

    Hello, I'm using Mac Catalina and I would like to record Adobe Reader pdf file with OBS. However, when I choose properties>crop to window it has no effect on the recording. It still captures whatever it is on the display. I tried window capture but it is also not working. I also don't want to...
  16. G

    Question / Help I am pulling my hair with ndi source and obs on OSX. Can someone shed some light please?

    Does anyone have any experience with OBS and NDI source for OSX? No matter what settings, I tried almost everything, I record footage with elgato HD60s and there are always random moments where the audio gets cut off randomly as you will notice. This is a brand new iMac 2019 with an i5, 32GB of...
  17. W

    Bug Report OBS is crashing when opening the multiview (window)

    When I am opening the multiview (window) OBS is crashing, I have a Apple MacBook Pro mid 2015 latest version of macOS Catalina 10.15.4. Does anyone know what goes wrong there? Log file included
  18. L

    Bug Report Prores encoding does not work properly (Artefacts / Glitching in Video)

    Hi there, i always recorded with the prores encoder which totally work fine.. but for the last week this codec is not working anymore. (all the other codes work fine, but unfortunately i need the prores codec (converting it after recording is not a solution). Can you guys confirm that its not...
  19. Bombastic

    Question / Help How to only stream a certain application? + Syphon not working?

    So I only want to capture the display from my game, so that I'm free to switch from the game to OBS, or whatever else I have running in the back. The thing is, Syphon isn't working. When I try to add a Syphon source, it doesn't let me click on SyphonInject, even when I run my game in OpenGL. The...
  20. U

    Question / Help Getting red tint, please help

    Trying to stream from nintendo switch and getting a red tint on OBS. The capture card I'm using is Razer Ripsaw HD. Attached file includes system information. Here is a link to the red tint I'm seeing: Here is the log file...