1. T

    Audio Cutting Out

    Forgive me if this is covered somewhere but I have search around and tried everything I've come across and nothing has helped. About 8-10 minutes to the recording, or even on standby, my internal audio crackles and fizzes out without warning leaving the rest absent of audio. The video is...
  2. S

    OBS Not Recording Microphone Audio

    Hi, I have been streaming for well over a year now using OBS. I got a new USB microphone for Christmas, and it is a good old plug in and use which I have been using for little over a month with no issues. However as I went live yesterday, the audio input for the microphone is REALLY choppy with...
  3. K

    PS5 Lags On Monitor

    I’ve noticed that PS5 exclusives (Ratchet & Clank, Forspoken, etc) lag on my monitor. I’m using an M1 Pro MacBook, the HD60X, and my 43” LG tv (4K 60hz LCD display) as a monitor. The games display fine on my MacBook and on a stream but the fps tanks on the tv. I’ve only noticed this with ps5...
  4. jorgepazdiaz

    I have a problem to add camera in OBS

    I have a problem to add camera in OBS, when add to camera my OBS restart always and see the next message: Translated Report (Full Report Below) ------------------------------------- Process: OBS [7320] Path: /Applications/ Identifier...
  5. R

    Python, Hiding Rust Map

    Hi folks, I've been working on this for the better part of a week but simply cannot find an elegant solution. Ideally, AutoHotKey would solve my problems, or there's a "fancy" Python script available on the internets that would also suit my needs. But I'm a Mac guy, and AutoHotKey is not...
  6. nd4ios

    It Seems OBS is unable to create any required file or folder on M1 MacBook Pro

    Running MacOS Ventura, OBS is unable to Open due to not being able to create/access required folders and files, I had to manually create the folders, but because I have no clue what is contained in the global.ini file that OBS Studio is needing access to (which does not exist on my computer) I...
  7. H

    OBS not working on WhatsApp

    So i have been trying to use obs on whatsapp to teach my friends but its not been working for whatsapp on my mac os ventura version 13.1. i am also using the latest whatsapp version downloaded from their website not the app store. i have tried the option listed in the public forum. i have...
  8. E

    OBS MAC / THETA Z1 Live on facebook 360°

    Hello, I am using OBS version with mac Sierra 10.12.6. I have a 360 Theta Z1 camera. I manage to broadcast live on a Facebook page but I broadcast a live video in panorama which also displays faulty connections of the 2 lenses (I am attaching a screenshot). I am looking to broadcast an...
  9. T

    Droid cam issue with OBS on M1

    Hi, hoping someone can advise. Using latest versions of OBS 28.1.2 and Droid cam (from App Store) plus the droidcam app on a bunch of iPhones, all with same result. Able to connect (over wifi) on all phones, but no image is displayed in obs (or browser when using that). Sound is coming through...
  10. D

    Mac screen resolution

    Hello, I have an iMac 5k retina. When I record the screen I get all the image blurred. I want to screen record my application at the best result. I tried few setting on video preferences but didn't get any result. can you give me any advice on what is the best result (having a moderate normal...
  11. L

    Can't Start My Stream from Stream Deck Mobile "Auto-start is disabled..."

    I'm running OBS 28.1.2 on my 2019 Macbook Pro 16" with Monterey 12.6 and I have the latest version of Stream Deck Mobile on my phone. The point of the SDM app is to control the stream from a room adjacent to where my Macbook is running the stream, and I can start/stop recording the stream with...
  12. D

    How to Install Portable OBS for Mac

    Hello all, I've wanted to use OBS to livestream concerts for some time now, unfortunately the application puts such a strain on my old computer that it either can't keep up with the stream or it just crashes all together. I head that there are ways to run OBS off of a portable install from a...
  13. M

    OBS Studio 28.1.2 crashing when linking account

    Everything was working fine until today I noticed my restream docks were missing. Tried to re link my account in preferences>stream and it crashes every time. Also crashes when I try to link just my twitch account. Link to crash Log
  14. A

    FPS Dropping like Hotcakes

    I am trying to use OBS 28.0.3 to record Sims 4 gameplay on my iMac 24" (Apple M1). I have watched hundreds of YouTube help videos on how to configure it for my Mac and have only gotten confused and frustrated. I do not know why my FPS goes from CPU: 10%, 60.00 fps to CPU: 4.6%, 3.93 fps right...
  15. S

    I’m interested in learning how to code a plugin

    I’d like to know, is there a guide for building plugins for OBS? I use macOS, can they be coded in Swift? Any general information on how to get started would be awesome.
  16. brayncostanich

    Loupedeck support with v28 beta on Mac M1

    helllloooo lovely OBS folks! I've recently got a loupedeck/razer streamy controller thingy and it's very nice. big upgrade from my little stream deck 2x3. however, i can't seem to get it to work with OBS v28. It always says "OBS is not running." I'm on an M1 Macbook Pro, and the non betas...
  17. M

    Issues with macOS Plugin Installation from Template

    Hello! I started development on a plugin for OBS v27 using OBS' plugin template, but I am experiencing issues installing the plugin on macOS. OBS v27 built from source, as well as OBS v28 both recognize the ".plugin" file built by the plugin template. However, the plugin will not load or even...
  18. B

    OBS 26.1.0 Crashes on Start Up, Any Fix? Desperate.

    I don't want to update OBS as a script I'm using only works with v26 and older. Please help. __ info: CPU Name: Apple M1 info: CPU Speed: 2400MHZ info: Physical Cores: 8, Logical Cores: 8 info: Physical Memory: 16384MB Total info: OS Name: Mac OS X (NSMACHOperatingSystem) info: OS...
  19. commandantp

    Can't Screen record 4K Video on Mac M1 Pro + 4k External Display

    Hi! I've been doing screen recordings forever and used to be able to record in 4K the videos. Somehow now it is lower quality and 1080p. Here's the log file: I set the base canvas to 4k but can't select anything higher than 1920x1080 in output...
  20. O

    Can't screen record on MacOS

    I am running MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 on a macbook air (not sure what year it is) I have uninstalled and reinstalled OBS twice, and it still doesn't appear in the Screen Recording options in system preferences. I can only display capture the OBS window. Can someone please help me with this? (and...