1. K

    Question / Help NDI Source issue (Elgato)

    Hi I've just updated the OBS studio software to the newest version available for the mac which to my understanding is a beta? Everything works fine apart from the fact that NDI Source isn't available in the drop down menu when I go to add a source. I will attach a screenshot below
  2. rinkul123

    Bug Report obs quit unexpectedly mac os Catalina 10.15.1

    I don't know every time i try selecting any video capture device it just crash when "Use Preset" is ticked. If i untick it then it doesn't crash there but later when i select frame rate to any value like 60 then it crashes there as well. Tried reinstalling multiple time but failed. Please...
  3. S

    Question / Help Gradual Game Audio Delay

    Hello All, I've been in communication with ElGato hoping the issue was on their end but I see multiple users having similar issues. Can't seem to find the results in the threads after searching for a solution and after troubleshooting with ElGato over 10 emails over 2 weeks and talking to...
  4. W

    Question / Help Projector not showing on secondary monitor

    I'm still pretty new to OBS so bare with me. I have a second monitor that I had the program screen showing on. It filled the second monitor completely. When I was done I shut everything down. Now, a few days later, when I right click on the program screen and choose the second monitor it shows...
  5. R

    Question / Help Window Capture Quality

    I am using OBS on MacOS Mojave and I am seeing something with a window capture that I am hoping someone might be able to help with. (This is for local recording only.) I use OBS for a podcast, and the other person - my guest - comes in through Zoom as a window capture. Scenes include just me...
  6. S

    Question / Help How to mute mic but not anything else

    I think it should be simple but no matter I've been searching and searching and I can't find anything that tells me how to just mute my mic. It's really stressing me out. Please If you give me an answer explain it to me like I'm a 5 y/o.
  7. S

    Question / Help Custom browser docks not avalible on mac?

    So, OBS Studio is the only "Good" option for streaming on mac, but its annoying to either have a second computer, or a bunch of tabs open to view chat and stream information. I heard there is custom browser docks but i can't find the option available. I am using OBS Studio 24.0.2, the latest...
  8. K

    Question / Help OBS on MAC and Metric Halo 2882 Mobile Audio Interface

    Hi there, I am absolutely new to OBS and I made my first steps using it on a Mac - latest OSX. Since I am a musician I use a high end audio interface from Metric Halo - it's the 2882 mobile IO and you can find info about it here. The problem which occurs in connection with OBS is, that I can...
  9. X

    Bug Report OBS crashes when using build-in FaceTime camera in MacOS Catalina Beta

    Crash Report: System Info: OBS:23.2.1 MacOS:10.15 Beta (19A573a) How to reproduce: Sources -> New -> Video Capture Device -> Device: FaceTime camera (build-in), Use presets -> Crash
  10. I

    Question / Help No Sound While Using AverMedia LiveGamer Portable 2 Plus iN OBS Mac

    The title says it all. OBS acknowledges AverMedia LGP2+ and allows video input from it, but I have ZERO audio. I'm streaming from external sources, like my Switch and PS4; I don't stream using in-Mac sources (Twitch, etc). No idea what I'm NOT doing or if I have to add an Audio Input or Output...
  11. C

    Question / Help Will this work?

    I have been streaming a multi-camera stream off of my MacBook Pro (2014, i7 4th gen, 16gb ram, intel iris, 512 ssd), but looking for a more permanent solution like an iMac. Looking at a new iMac with these specs: i5 quad core (7th gen), 16gb ram, 2gb vram, 1tb hdd. Will these specs work to do a...
  12. C

    Question / Help Mic/desktop echo while streaming

    Hello I’ve gathered that most people have encountered this problem where while streaming you hear an echo from both desktop and mic. I don’t have my stream open anywhere else and I have my desktop mic as the only audio source. It was working yesterday (the day I installed it) and just suddenly...
  13. N

    Question / Help No Audio, Elgato, XB1, mac and game capture.

    Hi, im new too this So im unsure if ive posted in the right area! I have an ELGATO HD60. This is connected with the 2 hdmi's and the usb cable. All working and Displaying in elgato's Game capture software. No matter what i do and how ive tried the sound doesnt work on OBS. I have set the video...
  14. ricefieldworker69420

    Question / Help No Audio?

    downloaded iShowU, nothing shows up. Reinstalled, nothing still. I am currently using a school laptop has that got something to do with this? also there is no option to enable desktop audio
  15. StreamPanel

    Question / Help Recording for Final Cut Pro X import / editing?

    This is not about streaming, but about recording. This means filesize doesnt matter. The problem is that OBS records files that are not FCPX friendly for editing. It either makes an flv that I have to remux (and is very laggy in FCPX due to compression), or makes large AVI files that wont even...
  16. C

    Bug Report WARNING - OBS does not work on MacOS 10.15 Catalina

    I upgraded to MacOS 10.15 (Catalina Dev Beta 1) and found out that OBS refuses to open. If any of you on Mac use OBS, do not upgrade to Catalina 10.15 until this is fixed. When you attempt to open OBS, you will be immediately be greeted by an "OBS quit unexpectedly" message.
  17. D

    Question / Help Question about hardware encoding for Macbook Pro's & local recording

    Hey everyone, I currently use OBS for local recordings only (no streaming) and ... I'm looking to buy a new laptop (macbook pro) I use it to record two webcam's plus an external mic (2 Logitech Brio's + 1 Yeti mic) into one file. My question is: Does it make a difference what graphics card I...
  18. BlueCatMage65

    Question / Help Syphon Inject "Allow Transparency" has rendering issues, is there any way to fix it?

    Okay, so, I'm trying to record Minecraft so I can make a "funny moments" video with my friends. I have to use Syphon Source because using window capture makes the audio EXTREMELY out of sync, and the recording is choppy overall. For whatever reason, unchecking "Allow transparency" does the same...
  19. G

    Question / Help So syphoninject is not working

    So I'm trying to record tf2 but every time I try to inject tf2 it fails and shows the source choice blank, tf2 is running OpenGL but it still does not work, also I run on mac if that helps.
  20. IamOMan

    Bug Report Hotkey Settings, a bug?

    Hey, can anyone help me? Why does my hotkey settings page look like this? I find no tolly-thing to expand it and it makes it hard to see any of my hotkey settings, making it difficult to organize them. Changing themes doesn't do anything and I re-installed OBS, but don't think I un-installed...