Automatically Find Input/Output Available With A Notification


New Member
Dear OBS Devs,

My idea or suggestion for OBS is to automatically find any audio (headphones or earbuds, microphones, speakers, etc) or another device (Display, etc) by notifying you that there is an audio or device connected via port or Bluetooth (for some devices that use Bluetooth) and if you want to switch to it or not. Even when you minimize the application or the application is active. This can help make sure people who record anything, won't miss their outputs like if they forgot to use their microphone instead of the built-in microphone on the computer or use their headphones that are connected instead of the built-in audio. The reason I'm writing this is that I connected my Bluetooth earbuds to my laptop and was ready to record a video, and I realized after shooting, that I forgot to use my earbuds and instead use the built-in audio that wasn't available since I connected to Bluetooth. I was so annoyed. With this feature that should be added soon, this can be hassle-free and good for me and others who forgot to set everything up and be greeted by a notification. Also, even when we start recording, you can warn us that if there is an automatic device available or the user can press record anyway. They can also change these in the settings. So please take the time to reply to this and please put that in a future OBS update. This update will make many people less stressed. Thank you. :)

- Osei Dwomoh