1. S

    obs not working: starting the output failed please check your drivers are up to date

    Hi! I have tried everything I have seen to make OBS work but it keeps saying the same thing in the title. I have updated my drivers, uninstalled then reinstalled, checked for windows updates, checked compatibility, checked my settings, checked if my hard drive needed optimization, gone into my...
  2. O

    What’s best setting for…

    Was playing and streaming rocket league (lil game) with a Gpu :1060 CPU i5 6500T And had really bad video quality on stream ofc. Now I upgraded my set up a lil bit but it still not good. My new pc config is.. GPU : 4070 CPU : ryzen 7 5800x3D Ram : 2x8 3600mhz And my screen is a 165hz. HELP...
  3. A

    Export Separate Files for Recording (MP4 and MP3)

    Hello I am trying to record gameplay. I have 3 total sources: 1. Display Capture 2. Desktop Audio (Audio Output) 3. Microphone (Audio Input) When I record, I receive a single MP4 file with video and audio. My goal is to receive 3 different files, 1 MP4 for the display capture (video only), 1...
  4. I

    Different output folder & canvas size on different scenes

    I would like to be able to have my recordings saved in different folders automatically, currently it all goes on the big heap of recordings. I would also like an option to set the canvas size of a scene, so I can make normal and short Youtube videos. Thank you! Irom Typo
  5. G

    Starting the output fail. Please check the logs for details. Note: If you are using the NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are utd

    I have this constant issue and I've tried about all output settings and there is nothing to do, it keeps popping up The weirdest part is that I can record my screen just fine, I'll just have this issue which won't allow me to start/stop the recording, but when I close it, it will be fine (I'll...
  6. D

    output failed, why??

    I've just recorded some 5 hours of screen video, than after couple of days I've updated and started to record the same way again, but got this error. Why? i restarted the app and the PC couple of times but nothing changed.
  7. L

    File size is MASSIVE

    I've not had any problems with obs until now, I haven't touched any settings recently so I don't know what changed but here the other day I went to upload one of my videos to my editing software and it said it was 43 GB FOR A 1 HOUR VIDEO. I've tried looking up tutorials on limiting bitrate and...
  8. A

    2 audio sources to virtual camera

    I know this question has been asked 100 different ways on 50 different websites, and there are all kinds of detailed answers. I haven't been able to find where someone has actually answered the question. They answer SIMILAR questions, but never the simple question asked. How do I take 2 audio...
  9. V

    Recording to 2 File Destinations

    Hello, I use OBS to record my YouTube videos and I'd like to back my files up to Google Drive automatically with OBS. I use the Google Drive app so it is just a destination in File Explorer. However, I obviously still need to have my recordings saved locally as well. Is there a way to have OBS...
  10. A

    (multiple) specific input to (multiple) specific output (platform YT, FACEBOOK, ...)

    Hello everybody, I have two cameras as video inputs, i would like to stream for each one to a different output, on the same OBS instance. camera 1 ---OBS RTMP--> youtube camera 2 ---OBS RTMP--> Twitch please does anyone have any solution/plugin to use? there is another encoder to do that...
  11. D

    Issue: crackling noise after in output file

    Hi, I'm trying to do some recording with my Sony Alpha 6400. My target is to record my guitar playing passing from my Neural Quad Cortex (48Khz) as input guitar, to my UAD Apollo 8 audio interface and then passo to OBS. I've watched arount YouTube and did the best settings for 4K videos. Till...
  12. W

    Decklink Multi Output?

    Hi there, Hopefully I am posting to the right thread but I am looking to see if OBS supports sending the Program feed out to multiple Decklink SDIs? Currently I have Blackmagic Desktop Video using each SDI independently. I was wondering it would be possible to have OBS use this functionality...
  13. dustball

    Live output, but not via a "Projector"?

    We have OBS outputting to a public access Cable TV station. Currently, OBS is using a "fullscreen projector" to output the program monitor that gets converted through various adaptors to SDI to analog video and out the door via fiber to three different Cable TV networks. The problem is this...
  14. I

    Low quality of output

    How come the quality of my output stream is so much worse than the original? Have not done anything particular to the settings. As you can see in the image, it's blurred and dull compared to the original window.
  15. A

    OBS recording quality is poor

    Hello everyone, I am using OBS to record specific windows (Chrome, Visual Studio Code and Powerpoint Presentation) and use Automatic Scene Switcher to switch between them. I concluded that the quality of the recording is poor. I use the following settings: I was testing just to compare the...
  16. hunterb

    Missing my recordings

    I've been using OBS flawlessly for a while now and the last two times I've tried to record something the video is not in my set output folder. I have the logs from those days and doing the math for counting the frames(at 60fps) I can see that it recorded them. The recording just disappeared and...
  17. B

    Separate Audio / Video Output Settings

    I'll keep it short and sweet, you should be able to record multiple audio tracks without switching to the advanced output mode. I've become proficient with it over the years but only out of necessity, and It still doesn't compare to using the high-quality presets in the simple output mode. I'm...
  18. luckeypublic

    New Headphones Made Audio Sources Quieter

    Hi, I replaced my SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless with Nova Pro Wireless, and I realized that my Audio output from OBS is much quiter then before. I used to have -7.0 db gain on my game audio sources, but now I had to put it on around +5.0 db. Using my new headphones I still heared the correct...
  19. _Charlie

    Help with hotkeys

    I'm running OBS on Ubunutu 22.04.1. When launching OBS through my user, hotkeys do not work unless OBS is the active window. I can fix this by launching it as root or via sudo, but any output is then owned by root, and therefore inaccessible without first changing the owner or permissions. Is...
  20. H

    Output monitor

    Hi I have 9 TVs I want to play the show that is in Streaming Live on YouTube itself on the 9 TVs that I have How do I do that I have an hdmi splitter I want to show only the show that comes out in the Live. And I'm using OBS