1. luckeypublic

    New Headphones Made Audio Sources Quieter

    Hi, I replaced my SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless with Nova Pro Wireless, and I realized that my Audio output from OBS is much quiter then before. I used to have -7.0 db gain on my game audio sources, but now I had to put it on around +5.0 db. Using my new headphones I still heared the correct...
  2. _Charlie

    Help with hotkeys

    I'm running OBS on Ubunutu 22.04.1. When launching OBS through my user, hotkeys do not work unless OBS is the active window. I can fix this by launching it as root or via sudo, but any output is then owned by root, and therefore inaccessible without first changing the owner or permissions. Is...
  3. H

    Output monitor

    Hi I have 9 TVs I want to play the show that is in Streaming Live on YouTube itself on the 9 TVs that I have How do I do that I have an hdmi splitter I want to show only the show that comes out in the Live. And I'm using OBS
  4. A

    Buzzing sound when I go live!

    OBS seems to be outputting me entire audio feed as a buzzing sound. Sometimes it works fine at the first 2 minutes of going live, but then it starts with the buzzing sound. Why is this happening and is there anyway to prevent this from happening?
  5. oseidwomoh8

    Automatically Find Input/Output Available With A Notification

    Dear OBS Devs, My idea or suggestion for OBS is to automatically find any audio (headphones or earbuds, microphones, speakers, etc) or another device (Display, etc) by notifying you that there is an audio or device connected via port or Bluetooth (for some devices that use Bluetooth) and if you...
  6. S


    I usually use obs for virtual cam on zoom and change the canvas scale ratio into 1080:1920 so it become potrait. But after i have the update on last october, it can’t work any more. I have been trying to change the canvas into 1080x1920 but it doesn’t work. When i open the zoom it still 16:9...
  7. D

    How can I make obs set the canvas size to the size of a selected region in a window

    How can I make obs record a selected region of a window and set the canvas size appropriately? I want to record an area of e.g. a LibreOffice Writer window as I type. The dimension of the output video is to reflect the dimension of the area I selected exactly - no transformation should be...
  8. L

    Recording continues, but output is cut off at around 20 minutes

    This has happened a couple times now. Here is the log file from the most recent time: https://pastebin.com/bYbhvKyt I recorded for about an hour, but then when I checked the file, it was only 22 minutes long. The output is as .mkv. I don't have any hotkeys set, though I'm not sure if that would...
  9. SprySilver

    Frame drops when I record a video?

    Hey, beginner OBS user here, whenever I export my video, it has the biggest frame drops I've ever seen. Here's a video example. As you can see, when i fully load into the game and start to move around, the frames drop. How do I fix this? These are my OBS settings: And these are my pc...
  10. gempir

    OBS Scripts vod track

    I'm trying to create a plugin that will display some text when the OBS Twitch Vod Track is off for the Desktop Audio. I'm using python to create my script, the display part works fine, I can display something in a scene already. But I can't figure out where to get the information about the...
  11. Infonesii

    Scaling issue

    So today I updated to the 27 release of OBS and now all of my transitions are appearing at the wrong resolution. I use 2560x1440 Base Canvas and a 1920x1080 Output Scaled Resolution. Until today my transitions worked properly however now they are appearing to small. (I believe they're appearing...
  12. T

    Output selection grayed out, I can't select advanced

    I am trying to make some changes to my output. When I go to 'settings' it only shows a grayed out choice. I cannot change it from simple to advanced. Nor can I change the recording destination option.
  13. Shimushi

    OBS outputting audio, but no sound through my headphones

    Hey there! I'm quite new to OBS and am having a bit of an issue. So I want to Stream Destiny 2 and I have the capture all working through Window Capture (due to Bungie's restrictions). However, I cannot hear the game audio in my headset, whilst OBS is picking up and outputting the sound through...
  14. V

    OBS Virtual Camera showing scene

    When I updated to version that includes OBS VirtualCamera, the video output of the Virtual Camera, is the scene selected instead of only the camera video input that is received Is there a way to change it? In an older version, I could do it,
  15. JFerre

    output (.mkv), videoclip is not complete - no problem is found at recording

    When I start recording my screen it actually records it without a single problem - no crash log is created. However, if I record a 12-minute video the output is only of the first 6 minutes. This time it was a recording of approximately 2h and the output generated (.mkv) is only 45 minutes. The...
  16. B

    Impossibile creare il file di uscita

    Ciao a tutti, come da titolo quando provo ad avviare una diretta, (le chiavi Facebook, YouTube o Twitch non fanno differenza), compare questo messaggio di errore "IMPOSSIBILE CREARE IL FILE DI USCITA...". Al contrario la registrazione funziona senza problemi. Ho provato anche a reinstallare OBS...
  17. G

    Is this capture card broken?

    Hey everyone, so I recently bought an external capture card off of Amazon, which I got today, and I am not sure if it's broken or if I'm just too dumb to use it properly. My goal is to capture footage from my PC. The capture card has an HDMI input/output as well as a USB 3.0 output. I connected...
  18. U

    OBS Audio setup

    Hi there, I've recently tried streaming more and now I'm having some issues with the following. I am trying to record the audio thats being outputted to my headset, so that its also hearable when I'm streaming. so that both my mic input and audio output are being picked up but each have...
  19. B

    Resize Base and Output Res to current Source size

    So, say, I'm trying to capture a specific area of the display. I don't want to have black bars on the sides (or top and bottom): What I would currently have to do is go here: Then calculate 1200 - 100 - 100 and 1920 - 1500 - 220, then go to Settings and enter the resultant values here: Then...
  20. N

    Newb Audio Input Question

    Hello, I just have a simple question. I just want to play music (Via VLC player) on the background of my stream. I would like it to be its audio output source. I downloaded Virtual Audio Cables, and I believe I have set them up properly, as I do get them as an input device in OBS. but the VLC...