1. S

    How to change the aspect ratio in obs?

    Hi, i run my windows at 1920x 1080 on 16:9 ratio so does most my games except CSGO i play cs on 1440x 1080 with 4:3 ratio whenever i try to stream on yt theres black bars on the right side of the screen. i tried changing the output resolution in video settings from 1920x 1080 but it only made it...
  2. Z

    Ability to output multiple files at once (IE: .mp4 & .wav, or multiple sources to different files)

    I do a lot of recording for YouTube, and I like to have the best audio I can. Normally I record in my DAW and OBS at the same time, and just sync them by clapping a CD case, but it would be great if there was a way to output the video to an .MP4 file, and the audio to an uncompressed .WAV file...
  3. I

    Screen records twice and is glitchy

    log file I am a total newbie and tried different help videos but got nowhere. The sound is okay but the video is jumpy and duplicated. I tried fit to screen but it made no difference.
  4. G

    Program Output Compatibility with Blackmagic UltraStudio HD Mini

    Hi Everyone. I'm wondering if anyone has used the BlackMagic UltraStudio HD Mini with macOS and can confirm whether or not the program feed from OBS can be sent out of the HDMI and/or SDI output ports? The device connects via Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C port). It has SDI in/out, analog in, and HDMI...
  5. B

    imput output timer

    I think there is not input timer to indicate starting capture. We can with tools indicate the end of capture. I suggest to add a tool to programm the start of the capture. Thanks (i am French retired)
  6. M

    Question / Help i cant see my amd encoder

    I use a laptop with an AMD Ryzen 5 3550H Processor and AMD Radeon RX 560X graphics card but until yesterday, the AMD encoder worked just fine. When I try to start steaming , it gives me a message saying "Starting the output failed, make sure your video drivers are up to date." i also have the...
  7. M

    Question / Help my amd is not in output settings

    I use a laptop with an AMD Ryzen 5 3550H Processor and AMD Radeon RX 560X graphics card but until yesterday, the AMD encoder worked just fine. When I try to start steaming , it gives me a message saying "Starting the output failed, make sure your video drivers are up to date." i also have the...
  8. M

    Question / Help Help! Can't hear/monitor audio from OBS on speakers or headphones

    Hi everyone! New to the forum. Using OBS to run a streamed music festival next week. I've been able to set up everything perfectly except for one very essential feature - being able to monitor audio within OBS. I've just recently installed Audio Hijack and Loopback to route audio into OBS...
  9. J

    Question / Help <1FPS when recording above 1080p

    My in-game fps is absolutely fine, around 85FPS. When I try to record 1440p or 4K, the videos, when played back, are completely unwatchable, with just a frame every couple of seconds. Any help? PC Specs: i7 8700k GTX 1080ti 16GB drr4 RAM M.2...
  10. M

    Question / Help Quality improvements while recording (Base/Canvas Resolution) in 2560x1440 but Output Resolution 1920x1080?

    Hey there! I've got a question regarding quality while recording with OBS, maybe it is stupid, but I couldn't find an answer on google or here in the forum. Generally I am recording in 1920x1080 (Base and Output Resolution), yesterday I've read that recording in 2560x1440 is way better than...
  11. M

    Question / Help Audio / Video Sync Issues on Output

    Hi, I'm quite confused why this is the case, so perhaps someone can clear this up for me. I am capturing SDI sources in using a BlackMagic Decklink Duo 2. In OBS the video and audio look to be in sync. When I output via either the Decklink, NDI, or HDMI, there is a massive difference between the...
  12. Amtemeri

    Question / Help Output problem

    There's this weird visual... thing (I have no clue what to call it). https://gyazo.com/72b440ca6a3a565f91c97c96caf78e9b My Recording output settings are: Format: MP4 Encoder: NVIDIA NVENCH H.264 (new) Rate Control: CBR Bitrate: 5000 Kbps Keyframe Interval: 0 Preset: Max Quality Profile: high...
  13. C

    Bug Report Need Help Custom Output (ffmpeg)? Maybe bug?

    I want to use OBS Studio ver. 24.0.3 to record only audio in wav format. The problem is when I record, and then I press the stop button and it turns to stopping record. And, then I press it again. I always get left with 78 byte wav file that contains no audio. Heres my settings: Here's the...
  14. X

    Question / Help Audio Monitoring issue

    Hi, I've attached logs from 2 streams I just did (two because my pc crashed) so I've attached logs from both. I can't get my audio monitoring to work. Eg. I have an mp3 song playing at one point via obs and I have it set to "monitor and output" so both viewers and I can hear what's playing on...
  15. J

    Question / Help Any way to have a second output/program available to transition to?

    I've been using OBS Studio to manage a stream for a small church group. In addition to the program output sent to the viewers, there is a local display that receives a different output from OBS sources (Bible verses, lyrics, etc.). Right now, I just right-click on a the respective scene and...
  16. athenaorerica

    Question / Help Output audio stutters when using Video Capture Device in OBS 64-bit.

    Hi, I recently got an AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable device, and I am having issues using it with OBS. (Works fine in RECentral, Xsplit, all other DirectShow-compatible software). Whenever I have the Video Capture Device source active, using either AVerMedia's Stream Engine or just the capture...
  17. R

    Question / Help Preview output on second monitor

    Hi, I wanted to know how and if it was possible to put the OBS preview on a second monitor through Plug-In or something else. Thanks.
  18. L

    Question / Help Awkward stuttering in stream / recorded outputs

    Hi ! For the past few months, my obs output, whether I'd be streaming or recording, has been stuttering. Computer Specs : CPU Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.10GHz 66 °C Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology RAM 6.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24) Graphics DELL ST2220L...
  19. klsr

    Question / Help output is still being activated, after I reinstalled the OBS.

    Hi, I am newbie and just installed the OBS on my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018), Processor 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7, Memory 2 GB 2400 MHz DDR4, and still have 140G disk space left. I have set the recording to an external SandDisk 1TB (600G left), using USB 3.0 to USB3.0, cable. My problem is that the...
  20. Nekomium

    Question / Help can you change individual audio source's volume without a external mixer?

    So I've been streaming for a while now and a common concern/question I get is why is everything so quiet on stream. I have 0 clue to why because every thing audio wise is quite loud for me, but is VERY quiet on stream(my voice included) so my question is, can I change audio for my stream...