is the output scaling with filter or not?


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so ive set up my Base Resolution to 1920x1080, but i want to record also in 1080p, so therefore isthe scaled resolution also 1920x1080.
My question: If i output the Stream in 1664x936 , what scaling filter does obs use to scale it ?

should you ask why 936p, its cause its a ''real'' 16:9. ( )
and i want the Recording to be as less processed as it can be. thats why i dont do it the other way.

ive searched several sites all over the internet but found nothing besides of: ''if the output is scaled then it uses the Bicubic filter''
but since i dont know if its true im asking you guys if someone does know what the awnser may be.

btw by Output i mean the Output Tab.

thank you in advance


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I could be wrong, but I recall reading that the encoder does the scaling when selecting Rescale Output on the Output tab.


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so what does that mean? there is like no filtering at all ? cause if the encoder does the scaling, there is no option for that,so its just assumable that therefore its off.
drop some knowledge on me pls


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Thank you I already took that as a starting point for this question post. Since it was in 2018 there wasn’t any RTX cards, and the technology advanced since then but no one had that problem since.
So basically I use a:

ryzen 3600
RTX 2060
16gb 3000mhz ram
Dual screen : 1 = 4K the other 1080p
I game on the 1080p one.

i wanted to use record and stream at the same time. I’ve did it in the past with like „same settings as Streaming“.
But I wanted to increase the quality to like the best possible for everything at the same time.

So I’ve did a little research and used this settings for streaming : ( )
And the only thing that I changed was in the output tab the streaming resolution to 1664x936 , and Quality from „Max. Quality“ to quality.

and in the rec. section I use CQP 30 and the rest is the same as Streaming.

but since my stream got an other resolution I taught that I could increase the scaling filtering. (If there where an option on that)

since it’s an RTX Card NVENC should be good on both at the same time. If someone knows better then give me some advice.

so thank you for that info tho with: „the output resolution is scaled by the Encoder“

when someone knows the“best“ possible setting for that then I would appreciate sharing it.