stream and record

  1. C

    I DONT UNDERSTAND Thats my current log i dont get whats wrong my equipment is pretty top notch but i dont get why im having issues now when i havent had issues in the past two years. Encoding Overload almost the whole stream My average time to render frames is through...
  2. Z

    Is my laptop enough for streaming and recording video games? Will there be any downside of streaming on my laptop like reducing it lifespan?

    My laptop is the Predator Helios 300 2022 The spec is: Intel I7-12700H Nvidia RTX 3060 6GB 16GB Ram Will my laptop be good enough for streaming and recording video games at 1080p? Can I stream/record 60FPS while my monitor refresh rate is 165Hz? Will streaming/recording reduce my laptop lifespan...
  3. Daiveon Williams

    I need help really bad

    So I am new to streaming and I only have my laptop but I have a lot of games systems. (PlayStation 5, Xbox, a switch) I also have a capture card but my laptop does not have a sound card so I can’t hear any of the games. Can anybody help me pls !!
  4. N

    I can't for the life of me figure out why my stream is still blurry

    Like seriously I'm: - Streaming at an output of 20,000/kbs - The resolution matches my monitor at 1920x1080 - Using less than 1% of my CPU - 60 fps, not dropping even a single frame - I've tried using the x264, AMD HW H.264 (AVC), and AMD HW H.265 (HEVC) encoders - Rate control CBR - Preset to...
  5. Peter_JY

    Is there a way to stream the output from one computer to another without encoding?

    As the title says, I want to find a way to stream the output from one computer to another without encoding? I want to record a game which highly use CPU, so OBS usually tells me there's a overloading encoding. I've tried to lower the presets such as fps and resolution, but then I found it's...
  6. J

    Trying to stream STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor ends in OBS locking up and freezing the stream

    I've just spent 4 hours trying to fix whatever is going on but, the same settings work in every other game I've tested and streamed up to now. The problem: OBS hangs and freezes the recording and stream randomly when trying to play STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor. The System: Windows 11 build...
  7. Msgames79

    Show 2 Previews(For Recording and Streaming)

    For advanced settings. Use 2 different previews for recording and streaming. It needs 3 scenes. Scene 1 (to display both) Scene 2 (to display only record) Scene 3 (to display only stream) These scenes must be able to create from Scene Collection
  8. beatenbatteredscared

    Can't get signal!!!???!!!

    Hey guys. New here, I'm sure it's been asked a million times and most likely answered. I have no one to talk to or find an answer/solution to my problem. That of which,... I CANT GET MY INTERFACE/DAW SIGNAL INTO OBS!!it doesn't movement on the meter.... It's been 3DAYS of trying!!!.I've...
  9. A

    Advice for splitting an OBS recording?

    Hello, over the weekend we recorded a 40 hour MKV file for a Guiness World Record break. The file is 140gb in size and we are required to cut this up into 1gb segments. Can anyone advise what the best method to achieve this will be?
  10. Y

    Advanced Scene Switching + Source Record - HELP!

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to setup a Macro that allows me to stream a video element on a Scene, BUT that doesn't get recorded on my final recording from OBS. I tried with Source Record but, so far, wasn't able to. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!
  11. C

    Requirements for recording and transcoding simultaneously on separate pc

    I can currently record and stream on my main gaming pc, but it's very taxing on resources. Thus, I want to use another pc to transcode to Twitch and record for it using a capture card as I am unsure if my other pc components are capable of handling the bandwidth of using a second GPU (I'd be...
  12. V

    Recording/Streaming Freeze/Stuttering

    This is unrelated to my system resource usage. For some reason, after about an hour of streaming/recording with OBS, doing both simultaneously, things start to go screwy. The video starts stuttering, I guess you can call it dropping frames, but its dropping so many that eventually, the entire...
  13. 23AndyRT

    I want to record all but 1 scene or stream a scene/source

    Hi everyone, I have a question, I would like to stream and record at the same time but obviously with a quirk. I want to record all but 1 scene. This scene has an image of technical difficulties that can be streamed but I don't want it to appear in the final recording. What I'm saying is I...
  14. L

    Separate audio

    So I separated my audio before in OBS Studio however when playing Warzone or even Call of Duty games on my PC that I ALSO stream and record from and when I kill someone and they give me a "death comm" where I can hear what they said once I kill them I can hear it BUT my stream or the recording...
  15. M

    Streamvideo is freezing for a couple seconds, audio continues

    Hi There, Problem: Whenever I stream & record my video has lags. Basically what happens is that my video us freezing for a couple seconds and then continues again as normal. Audio is uninterrupted. Example: 0:55-0:57 Setup: Dual PC Setup...
  16. O

    Probleme mit Traktor S8 / Black hole / Mac M1 pro

    Hallo Leute! Ich brauche Hilfe! Ich habe ein Mac Book Pro M1, Traktor S8 und würde gerne mit OBS Live Streamen. Dazu wird im Netzt und von OBS Black Hole empfohlen. Ich bekomme keinen Ton in OBS. Ich habe nun schnell 100 Seiten gelesen und eben soviel Einstellungen probiert aber es geht nicht...
  17. H

    Output monitor

    Hi I have 9 TVs I want to play the show that is in Streaming Live on YouTube itself on the 9 TVs that I have How do I do that I have an hdmi splitter I want to show only the show that comes out in the Live. And I'm using OBS
  18. D

    Stream Not Working Due To "Max Audio Buffering" Please Help

    For Days now I've been trying to find a solution as to why I keep finding this error in my log. The Error is named "Max Audio Buffering" under the critical tab once you analyze the log. The advice it gives is to check my CPU and close any background programs but those aren't the issues, and the...
  19. X

    Stream with 2600 cpu record with gpu?

    Hi there. Im new here. Just have a quick question. I have a streaming pc only for my ps5. Was wondering can i stream with my ryzen 2600 cpu and record with my 1650 super at same time? Thank you in advance. Still learning things.
  20. B

    HELP! Dual PC Stream Setup. RTX 3070 Cannot Stream & Record

    I recently got a new Streaming PC for my dual setup. This one has: i7 12700K MSI RTX 3070 32GB of Ram Windows 10 64 at idle with OBS open and NOT recording or streaming it would be at 47 Percent usage. When I would start streaming it would shoot up to 75 percent and stay there. Trying to...