Is there a way to stream the output from one computer to another without encoding?


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As the title says, I want to find a way to stream the output from one computer to another without encoding?
I want to record a game which highly use CPU, so OBS usually tells me there's a overloading encoding. I've tried to lower the presets such as fps and resolution, but then I found it's impossible to lower again and again because the quality was too low if doing so. And meanwhile, my gaming experience was significantly reduced due to the CPU usage caused by OBS.. My old computer was lying on my desk at that time, so a thought of finding a way to just stream what I want to record to another computer come to my mind. If it can be done, not only I would able to play the game smoother, but also could have a better recording of the game, which could upload to Youtube after editing.
I search on the Internet, and found that NDI may help me do this. I installed it, and had a try. To my surprise, NDI still highly uses the CPU of my gameplay computer (will be called as computer G below), and also use the CPU of my old computer (will be called as computer R below). That's not what I thought it need to be.
So, I'm here to search for a way to do this. Maybe could encode a bit for better transmitting, but not too much (10% will be acceptable).


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I think you'll have to bite the bullet and get a (good!) HDMI capture card for the receiving computer. HDMI is already uncompressed, so it's just a matter of getting it from there into OBS without compressing it along *that* path.

The cheap USB captures might be sold as USB 3 and have that connector, but they actually have USB 2 chips in them. So they must compress, *in the card*, just to shove it through USB 2. Don't do that. You want a name-brand USB capture for about $100 per channel, or an internal PCIe card.

HDMI includes audio too, so it's just that one cord for everything. Put an HDMI splitter on it, or use a capture card that has a passthrough, and use an HDMI Audio Extractor if you must have a separate analog copy of that audio.