1. E

    Missing NDI Input? NDI from Mac to Windows OBS

    Hi All, I've been struggling to find a solution to this for a while now and I've resorted to here! So my situation is: I am running ProPresenter 7 (just a presentation software) that is outputting an NDI with an alpha key. I need that NDI to appear in the OBS program on my windows PC which is on...
  2. B

    Choppy NDI signal RUINING my stream

    Hey so I've been struggling with getting my 2 PC NDI stream set up working for weeks now. I tried the OBS plugin and would get a really choppy/stuttering stream quality, but no dropped frames or encoder lag. Someone said switching to NDI Scan Converter would help, which it did but it still feels...
  3. J

    OBS NDI only giving a black screen

    Hi i have OBS NDI on both my gaming pc and my streaming pc i have both of the obs programs running i am able to find the source but i only get a black screen when i try to get an output there is a little red square in the corner to but i have tried to resize the Output and im still only getting...
  4. A

    OBS and PTZOptics NDI PTZ Camera

    I am trying to set up OBS Studio to use a PTZOptics NDI PTZ camera for my church. I have six presets set up in the camera. I am using the HTTP URL's that PTZOptics provides and putting them into each scene for each of the presets. For example, for preset number 1 (my wideshot), I have a "PTZ...
  5. Yulahandro

    Every day, new problems with OBS especially echo

    Hi Everyone, I hope someone can help me. I'm podcasting live on youtube but every time I go live on youtube I have a different echo problems A couple of days ago, OBS stopped to seeing skype then somehow I fix it but then Obs started to add sound source after I went live bc of that my guest's...
  6. G

    Audio out of synchronization after scene editing

    Hello everyone, For my setup I use an ndi camera and the line in input of the pc for the sound. I have set the sync offset so that the video and sound are synced. However, every time the PC is restarted the sync offset is getting bigger. I was able to fix this by Check / Uncheck the box for...
  7. C

    NDI doesn't find my gaming pc

    Hi, i installed obs and NDI in 2 PCs for streaming from the slow one. I did all the things that the guide said and the slow computer can't actually find my gaming pc. What should i do?
  8. E


    When Downloading libndi4_4.5.1-1_amd64.deb and obs-ndi_4.9.1-1_amd64.deb, what folder are they to be saved in on system?
  9. elojodelpiojo

    Variaciones de tamaño ventanas por NDI

    Hola, tengo un problema con las ventanas capturadas desde Skype por NDI. Durante la transmisión cambia de tamaño, desconfigurando el diseño de pantalla. Tengo que estar atento a redimensionar la ventana cuando se achica y cuando se agranda. Tengo entendido que esto se debe a la variación de...
  10. IdidothBawx

    NDI - Skype Active Speaker & Skype Local

    Hello All, I believe I already know the answer, but wanted to toss my question into the ether regardless. I'm broadcasting a webshow from OBS utilizing multiple Skype inputs without issue; 3 remote callers and 1 local. There are no issues when the scene displays the 4 separate inputs as...
  11. Auroraambria

    NDI iPad black screen

    I have a Mac with the latest iOS. Downloaded NDI today. Got a black screen on OBS display. Audio works for iPad in OBS, just video is out. To solve I: Checked firewall for allowance Checked Ethernet (turned off and on) Made sure iPad and computer were on same WiFi Uninstalled and...
  12. W

    Ethernet Crash while streaming with OBS-NDI

    Hello OBS Community, I already know that there is many threads talking about that but i am unable to find a solution for this. I am using OBS-NDI to connect my gaming PC and my streaming PC, both computers are connected to my router using CAT 7 ethernet cable. When i am starting my stream after...
  13. P

    OBS NDI issue

    I set up the ndi plugin on both my computers, and for some reason, it works with the stream laptop to the gaming computer, but not the other way around, which is the way I need it to go. Does anyone have any fixes?
  14. KBryantmvp

    NDI Plugin for Audio only

    Hello, I am trying to transmit my audio only from one PC to another but it's not working. It works if I test it with my laptop's own webcam and I see it on OBS on the other computer but audio only does not work. This is my set up: 1. I have a PC which will send audio to a Mac Pro 2. Mac will...
  15. E

    Question / Help NDI Plugin doesnt show up in plugins obs studio

    Hey guys, im trying to use the obs NDI plugin. i tryed the installer but that didnt work so i tryed the manual instalation but that also didnt work so please help. tryed on 32 bit and 64 bit obs studio latest version. ps sorry for my bad english. Ebbe
  16. A

    Question / Help OBS + DSLR + Elgato HD60s

    Hi I am relatively new to streaming and am trying to stream content using my DSLR as a camera feed into OBS (as a NDI source). I have the Elgato HD60s and a wireless mic. Currently, I have the mic plugged into the DSLR and it plays audio pretty well. I am also trying to play music but can not...
  17. H

    Question / Help Multiple participants in stream via Skype NDI - only on-screen person audible

    Hi there, Newbie to OBS Studio, running v25.0.8 (64 bit) on up-to-date Windows 10 x64 machine. I did a stream a little while back with a total of 5 participants. We had a Skype conversation going, and on my PC (running both Skype and OBS) I added the NDI sources to one scene per participant. I...
  18. O

    Question / Help Tiny Red Dot...?

    I can see NDI as a source and my NDI app on my i-phone is seen as well, but when i select it, The only thing i see is a tiny red dot, in the upper left corner. I loaded NDI Virtual Input on my Mac and i can see the input there, why can't i see it in OBS? I can get it into OBS, but i have to use...
  19. S

    Question / Help NDi source not working

    Hi everyone. I am trying to integrate skype into OBS using the NDI plug in on Streamlabs OBS. I have installed the plug in from github as the NDI tools link on the website wasn't working. I add the source and select the relevant skype call but there is just a black screen. Any advice on how to...
  20. G

    Question / Help 0 dropped/lagged/skipped frames, but choppy stream on dual PC setup. Using NDI.

    Built a separate streaming PC for use with NDI. Getting 0 dropped, lagged, or skipped frames, but stream still has constant stuttering. Was aiming to stream x264 Medium at 720p, 60fps, at 6000 bitrate. Still get random stuttering at Fast, & Faster. Download/upload speed is 114/12 Mbps. Using a...