1. A

    NDI 5

    when will NDI tools 5 be compatible with obs v28 https://www.ndi.tv/tools/#download-tools
  2. V

    OBS & NDI / Own3D incompatible?

    Just tried to open my 2 pc set up to stream with NDI & it's not working. What's the deal? Also my alerts & things are no longer registering? Anyone else having these issues? I mean the new esthetic looks nice but what's with the update...
  3. C

    Ndi will stop working until I restart both pcs?

    I know it sounds a little complaining. But if one of my pcs falls asleep when I open them up to stream I need to restart both pcs for ndi to work? I can connect and sounds will pull through but video will not. And yes firewall and both open. Any advice?
  4. I

    NDI Across Network Solution

    So I've been searching for a solution that would allow three users to stream their A/V from their desktops as sources in OBS. I've come across the NDI solution and it works perfectly when you're on LAN. However, I'm searching for a solution that provides the same functionality, but over an...
  5. YorVeX

    Pass video and audio multiple times between OBS instances in a robust way? (NDI? Teleport?)

    "Robust" is the important part here, it means that audio and video stays in sync even if there is a short lag in one of the OBS instances. And "staying in sync" mostly (though not exclusively) means "don't produce the infamous 'adding X milliseconds of audio buffering' message", because that's...
  6. M

    NDI source for my Stream PC is showing up, but the screen is black.

    I have been trying to troubleshoot thia problem for hours now and can't seem to get it to work. Currently, I have NDI on both OBS Studio clients and when I go to add the NDI source, my main PC does show up, however, it only show a black screen with no audio output. One thing I do notice after...
  7. J

    OBS and NDI

    I have been trying to find this answer all over, but is there a way in OBS for MacOS to send and NDI camera feed out like you can do in Wirecast and if so how can I go about setting it up? Thanks so much for any help on this.
  8. V

    Question/Problem NDI COLORS

    When I am going to transmit the screen of my other laptop (laptop 1) I see that the receiver (laptop 2) shows the colors run I would like to know what to do in a little detail, since I have looked for solutions and I still cannot find, help
  9. B

    NDI HX camera input into OBS

    This does not show my phone in the NDI source under sources in obs. It work on the webcam input part of NDI so I can use my phone as a camera in Zoom or other apps on my desktop but not in OBS
  10. B

    Skype Video (guest) lagging

    Hey there, would love any ideas/suggestions for help... I use OBS to bring in guests for interviews via Skype. Over the past few weeks, every guest I've had has experienced glitchy video feeds within OBS. Their video will stall for 3-6 seconds (audio remains unaffected), and then eventually...
  11. R

    Stream OBS to LAN and watch it live on Android?

    Can we do that yet? I only have windows 10 and android. And I would like to stream my OBS output to my android with less latency (so watching my own stream from youtube is not the solution). I heard about NDI but currently NDI could not support ARM based phone to decode its signal. Weblink does...
  12. ken.shaw

    Using Wired (PTZ) Sources and WiFi (iOS via NDI) Sources Together

    Trying to confirm whether it's possible to use a combination of both wired and wifi sources at the same time. The system is PC-based with 3 hardwired PTZ cameras. Trying to add handheld cameras using the NDI Plug-In and NDI app on iOS devices. There is no wifi adapter currently installed but...
  13. Z

    NDI Source: Capture Card - No Video

    I don't know where this problem came from, I streamed no problem this passed Wednesday but now the video from the capture card isn't going through and I don't understand why. I verified that the OBS link was up to date, updated OBS studio, and rebooted my notebook at least 3 times with no...
  14. M

    obs-ndi inputs show last used frame before updating to current video

    Hi all! I'm currently using three Mevo cameras sent through the obs-ndi plugin for a show I'm currently working on. Recently, when I switch between scenes using different NDI camera feeds, there will be a freeze frame of the last image that camera showed on stream before it updates to the live...
  15. L

    NDI Recording Laptop lagging

    Whenever I use my recording laptop (2020 macbook pro 13') I can't use ethernet becuase of some wifi issue and I have 5ghz wifi but when I record the recording has frame drops even though my laptop stayes at the 60fps its supposed to. I can share the test recording if you'd like.
  16. F

    OBS NDI Source not displaying to other devices on the nextwork

    Hey everyone, Im on a fresh install of obs with the NDI plugin and the source is mysteriously refusing to appear on any other device in the network. This is the set up I am trying to make work: Desktop Plugged into the router directly (NDI OUTPUT) -> Laptop (5ghz) Connected wirelessly to the...
  17. H

    Missing 1 of multiple NDI sources

    I'm using NDI and Skype to capture audio and video from the people on the call. I successfully capture the audio and video from myself and 4 others. The fifth person I'm only capturing their audio. The video shows up fine in the properties for the NDI source when I go to select the source name...
  18. W

    NDI audio input stutters

    We want to present a video film from one PC via a beamer and simultaneously stream it on the Internet on a second PC with OBS. To do this, I have installed the app vMixDesktopCapture on the first PC, which streams the video and audio signals to the local network using the NDI protocol. On the...
  19. P

    OBS NDI Static Image

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this and the tech I'm working with seems a bit above my level, so I doubt I'll be describing things right. BUT I've done all I can think of. My end goal is to stream a character using Adobe Character Animator with a transparent background to OBS. I've...
  20. Tuna

    Teleport 0.5.0

    An OBS Studio plugin for an open NDI-like replacement. Pretty simple, straight forward. No NDI compatibility in any form. Just as an alternative option for stream setups with multiple machines wanting to transmit some OBS Studio scenes to the main streaming machine in LAN.