1. S

    Semi-free SiiliCam-Obs 1.0.9

    Experience lossless video integration like never before with SiiliCam-OBS. This specialized OBS Studio plugin taps into the power of NDI technology to offer seamless and lossless integration with SiiliCam—a mobile application for turning your phone into a high-quality camera. Control real-time...
  2. sandrix

    NDIPlugin.LibError.Message.Win OBS Studio (Solved)

    Perhaps this will be useful to someone. I noticed that OBS was consuming too much CPU/GPU resources, and then I found that NDI was running all the time when I didn't need it anymore. So don't forget to disable all checkboxes in the NDI menu, otherwise it will affect performance. I removed NDI...
  3. S

    Please Help! - Stuttering on Receiving/Streaming PC NDI Setup

    Trying to see if anyone can help here. I've been trying to follow other threads suggestions as well as my own troubleshooting but just still hitting the same issue. I have my main PC which is sending multiple NDI sources over to the recording/streaming PC. They are on a 10 gig connection...
  4. R

    Audio Tracks

    I think I already know the answer to this, but wanted to double check.... I'm using OBS with NDI (input camera and output to another room). I'd like to have a sound track that is audible on the program output to the NDI stream, but not audible on the livestream to YouTube. Is this possible? In...
  5. H

    NDI preview issue

    Hello! First post here. For the last several months I have been doing a dual pc setup with a desktop as my gaming pc and laptop as my streaming pc. I've been using NDI and it has worked flawlessly for me and was very simple to set up. Long story short, my streaming laptop got destroyed so I...
  6. S

    NDI streaming lag

    Hi, I was trying to setup NDI to use my 2-PC setup to stream and it works but the source I receive on the streaming PC is laggy at times. I tried monitoring network usage with windows task manager and it turns out that when I see the source going smoothly network usage is at around 130Mbps...
  7. S

    Unable to detect NDI camera sources with OBS.

    I can't seem to get OBS to detect my NDI cameras. I've installed NDI Runtime and the plugins according to the instructions on the GitHub page. I do have the option to add a new NDI source, but none of the cameras appear in the drop down list when actually selecting a source. I can use NDI...
  8. O

    Heavy delay with the NDI Camera Plugin

    We use PTZ Optics cameras with OBS at our church and when they are seen on OBS, there is a very large delay between the NDI plugin and the NDI Camera Viewer (where there is no delay). Any thoughts on how to fix?
  9. A

    NDI Teams sound recording issue

    During an OBS recording via NDI Teams, we had a sound problem for 12 minutes visible only on the mkv recording but the sound worked well in Teams and OBS. The sound of the 2nd part of the recording works very well. What would be the source of this sound problem? Do we have a way to get audio...
  10. Peter_JY

    Is there a way to stream the output from one computer to another without encoding?

    As the title says, I want to find a way to stream the output from one computer to another without encoding? I want to record a game which highly use CPU, so OBS usually tells me there's a overloading encoding. I've tried to lower the presets such as fps and resolution, but then I found it's...
  11. YorVeX

    xObsBeam [BETA] v0.9.8-beta

    Beam Seeking help with translations, please go here if you want to help, thanks! Beam (technical project name "xObsBeam") is an OBS plugin to transmit video and audio feeds between OBS instances, raw, or with lossless or lossy compression. An alternative to NDI and Teleport for A/V...
  12. L

    NDI Data Usage Strangely High

    Hey guys just had a question about the data usage of NDI. I recently set up an NDI connection between my Windows 11 PC and M1 Pro MacBook so that I could game on the PC and stream with the Mac. After looking at the data usage with Windows built-in data counter, I found that the NDI connection...
  13. M

    PTZ Optics, NDI, OBS, Stream Deck & Me.....

    Church lady here (isn't that special) really stuck on how to get my camera presets coded onto a new Stream Deck XL. We have two PTZ (30x) Optical zoom cameras connected via POE to our Stream PC (Windows) running OBS 29 and NDI Tools. We stream to YT and have very few issues with bandwidth...
  14. M

    Audio lag

    I'm having an issue where my audio and video are lagging behind one another, usually, the audio lags behind the video. This is when doing a Skype call via NDI. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remedy or what settings I can try looking at.
  15. S

    NDI Sources Sync Issues (Audio)

    So, I am pulling the video from one NDI source and the Video and Audio from another NDI source. If I switch between sources the audio starts to drift and become out of sync. If I right-click on each source - properties and select refresh NDI source then everything seems to get back into sync...
  16. N

    Randomly, transmission stops - M1Max64GB, receiving NDI from other PC

    Hello! So, to get you inside the problem, let me introduce myself, and my setup: I am a Live Streamer, transmitting to Twitch, who uses 2 computers: - Desktop Computer with Windows10 to play games - using NDI inside OBS 28, and transmitting as a simple OUTPUT; - MacBookPro M1Max64GB to...
  17. A

    NDI™ Runtime not found MacOs Ventura

    New to using an Elgato capture card with OBS. Downloaded OBS 28.1.2, OBS Link and all required NDI plugins but I cannot get NDI to appear as an option when adding a new source. I've attempted to use both obs-ndi 4.8.0 and an older version 4.7.1 as well, and neither work. Mac OS Ventura 13.01...
  18. Slykilla

    OBS NDI Plugin Static in Audio issue

    SInce the new OBS update the Audio from the NDI source sounds completely static. -one thing i have notice that fixes this is moving the Balance to the Left all the Static is gone but when i place it in the middle on balance or to the right it sounds like static again please help me fix.
  19. S


    I have two gaming desktop computers in front of me. One I want to be dedicated for gaming, and the other I want to be dedicated for streaming the games displayed on the gaming computer. The only possible way I can get video from one computer to the other right now is through the OBS Studio NDI...
  20. P

    OBS-NDI Plugin error

    Installed the OBS-NDI Plugin (Palakis) on the computer which has OBS installed. The runtime was also installed. Restarted the computer However when I start up OBS (v. 28) it gives an error message - "the following plugin obs-ndi failed to load - please update or remove these plugins." I am...