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im still not sure where to post this correctly. Im doing livestreams and OBS is a great tool which becomes better and better. Maybe somone has a tip for me.
Since the PC, Cameras and everything got updated, i recognized some changes.

I have two Birddog P200 NDI Cameras, Birddog NDI Studio, PC with OBS (i7, RTX4060, enough RAM, Win11), Songbeamer PC (NDI Output). On the same physical network i have Dante running with 2 mixers and the Streaming PC. Internet is a seperate Network.

Before the Streaming PC Upgrade i was using an old MacPro5 hacked to Windows 10 for streaming which was not very powerful. Then we had to delay the audio by 356ms. Now suddenly i have two different audio delays on the mixer, the delay for the streaming pc has to be set to 25ms where the monitor speakers have to be 135ms to fit the multimon output.

why could there be two different audio delays needed? Is OBS showing the multimon before encodung for youtube or ist it after encoding?

What i also had to change is setting all cameras to Source Timing and low latency. With the old py i had them in normal latency mode which then brings a higher delay.
I can only imagine that NDI5 brought some changes or the dante soundcard is wrongly set.

maybe someone has a tip for me where to start searching. now everything is working but i would like to know where the problem is.