ndi audio desync

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    Strange Audio Delays

    Hi, im still not sure where to post this correctly. Im doing livestreams and OBS is a great tool which becomes better and better. Maybe somone has a tip for me. Since the PC, Cameras and everything got updated, i recognized some changes. I have two Birddog P200 NDI Cameras, Birddog NDI Studio...
  2. AskMP

    Audio delay of ~750ms on NDI both NDI and SDI output

    So, I'm seeing a significant delay on the output of both NDI and SDI for multiple installations... Windows 10 (Ryzen 9 3900X w/RTZ 2070 super and 64gb memory) OBS 27.2.4 Decklink Duo 2 NDI 5 (Latest installed on all machines) Essentially, I'm needing to add a 750ms delay to the video on both...
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    Question / Help NDI two pc stream setup Audio de-sync issue.

    Hi, so lately I've been trying out the NDI system for a two pc stream setup in order to lighten the load on my gaming PC. It's worked pretty well so far and I have just run into one issue I cannot fix by googling. There is audio desync over time on my stream. I found one fix that suggested...