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    Strange Audio Delays

    Hi, im still not sure where to post this correctly. Im doing livestreams and OBS is a great tool which becomes better and better. Maybe somone has a tip for me. Since the PC, Cameras and everything got updated, i recognized some changes. I have two Birddog P200 NDI Cameras, Birddog NDI Studio...
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    Dante Virtual Soundcard and multiple users

    Kind of a weird situation here... the iMac we use for our stream has multiple logins. i am trying to setup a new account on the iMac to be used strictly for our streams. I can get all of my sources to work properly, but Dante Virtual Soundcard is not showing an audio level. All of my settings...
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    Audio Sync issues on Catalina

    Feeding audio to OBS via Dante virtual sound card. When recording or streaming, audio will start sync’d then drift ove r time. Any ideas how to fix this? Audio flow: Allen and Heath DLive> dante>ProTools>dante> OBS I believe video is being fed via thunderbolt 3 and a Blackl Magic...
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    OBS monitoring delayed version of audio input, even when audio input monitoring is switched off

    Hi, We began streaming a few months ago using OBS as our streaming encoder and camera switcher, and for the most part, everything is going well. But, we've been having one major issue since we began sending a stereo mixdown of our band into OBS. For some odd reason, the audio input monitoring...