OBS monitoring delayed version of audio input, even when audio input monitoring is switched off

Daniel Stephen

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We began streaming a few months ago using OBS as our streaming encoder and camera switcher, and for the most part, everything is going well. But, we've been having one major issue since we began sending a stereo mixdown of our band into OBS.

For some odd reason, the audio input monitoring feature does not work as intended. Whenever we are not broadcasting, but are doing a simple offline eq check of our live audio mixdown to make sure that the audio is being transmitted to OBS without any issues before broadcast, we are unable to hear the audio that is being received by the PC running OBS, despite having input monitoring for that audio device set to "on". However, once we hit the "Start Streaming" button in OBS, after about a minute, we hear a significantly delayed audio input signal coming into OBS about a minute after the fact, despite us having audio input monitoring off, with no way to eliminate this confusing signal on the monitoring side without muting the audio device (which cuts off the audio for the live stream), or ending the stream in OBS. Meanwhile, the audiometer for that audio device bounces in real-time throughout this whole situation, indicating that the audio is being fed into and received by OBS without any delay or issues from start to finish.

This results in a very confusing situation where the person monitoring the live stream is unable to communicate any audio issues to the sound team in time, because he has to wait an entire minute to hear the change (or error), after which he proceeds to report it. Because of this delay, any error in the streaming audio will be broadcasted live for at least a whole minute until the sound team is informed and proceeds to resolve the issue.

We've gone through the audio input and output devices, made sure that the input audio monitoring feature was off when we did not want it (during live broadcast) and on when we wanted it (when not broadcasting), switched headphones, switched and updated audio drivers, adapters, etc., but are unable to get this issue resolved.

This issue is a very unusual one, because it renders pre-broadcast input soundcheck monitoring inoperable until actual broadcast, where the delay is far to high for it to be of any use, and with no way to disable it until the end of the broadcast.

Our system setup is as follows: Intel Core i7 8th gen, 32GB RAM, Windows 10 running latest version of OS, OBS and ASIO4ALL, which is receiving the audio from the mixer over a Dante audio network. There are no delay issues with Dante, as evident by the OBS input audio levels jumping in real-time.

If someone can assist us in solving this issue it would be much appreciated!

Thank you very much!

Daniel Stephen

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I posted a request for support concerning an issue in OBS about a week ago, and have not heard back from anyone at all as to whether there is a solution to the issue or not. If someone can reach out to us and help us solve this issue it would be much appreciated. If not, we may have to switch to another streaming software.

Here is the log file for our last live stream: https://obsproject.com/logs/lT7eXyWpRz2L1jdN

We had a few unrelated video issues during this particular broadcast, so you may see a number of actions in the log. We'll try to upload a log of a normal broadcast next week.

We look forward to hearing from someone very soon concerning this matter.

Thank you very much in advance!