audio input capture not working

  1. T

    Recording Audio But Not Streaming

    Hey all, I've been streaming semi frequently recently and yesterday I realised at the start of stream I had no audio. I thought oh must be a 1 time issue, after testing multiple times as well as making an alt account to test I found that it was a consistent issue persisting through OBS restarts...
  2. davidmcmusic

    Why OBS doesn't get any signal from input 3 on my focusrite 18i8?

    Hello to everyone! The problem is: I connect my keyboard and guitar through inputs 1-2 which let me select between line-instrument connection. And then, I connect my microphone into the input n3. OBS gets the signal well from the inputs 1 and 2 but doesn't from the 3 input (mic). I hear the mic...
  3. D

    OBS monitoring delayed version of audio input, even when audio input monitoring is switched off

    Hi, We began streaming a few months ago using OBS as our streaming encoder and camera switcher, and for the most part, everything is going well. But, we've been having one major issue since we began sending a stereo mixdown of our band into OBS. For some odd reason, the audio input monitoring...
  4. M

    Audio input capture not working - Log file attached

    Trying to figure out what would cause OBS to lose audio signal from Audio Input Capture. I currently use an Apogee Duet audio interface to capture audio. Everything starts off fine but I completely lose the audio signal in obs and in turn, twitch, about 3 times on average over the course of a...
  5. A

    Question / Help USB Audio In / Helix

    Hi, I'm trying to setup a livestream where some of the audio would come directly from a Helix unit via usb. I've seen info that OBS doesn't like anything other than stereo audio and I think that's what the problem is. But - I can see and hear the Helix working in my system audio. And when I add...
  6. Sam Drumz

    Question / Help OBS Studio Audio Input Capture Not Detecting Audio From Presonus FireStudio

    I installed OBS Studio about two days ago and I connected my Presonus RM32AI to my MacBook Pro 15". I then created a scene and added audio input capture as a source. I got sound the first time, but after running into a few issues I ended up deleting the scene and starting again. The second time...