dante virtual soundcard

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    Heavy CPU Usage/ Encoder Lag

    We are a church streaming off OBS on a Mac. We are running video through a ATEM Mini Pro and using Dante to transfer audio digitally to the computer. We have a Syphon Client in it to transfer lower thirds through NDI from ProPresenter 7 which is on another computer. The desire is to stream 1080...
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    Dante Virtual Soundcard and multiple users

    Kind of a weird situation here... the iMac we use for our stream has multiple logins. i am trying to setup a new account on the iMac to be used strictly for our streams. I can get all of my sources to work properly, but Dante Virtual Soundcard is not showing an audio level. All of my settings...
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    Audio Sync issues on Catalina

    Feeding audio to OBS via Dante virtual sound card. When recording or streaming, audio will start sync’d then drift ove r time. Any ideas how to fix this? Audio flow: Allen and Heath DLive> dante>ProTools>dante> OBS I believe video is being fed via thunderbolt 3 and a Blackl Magic...
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    Question / Help OBS and Dante Virtual Soundcard

    Hi, is there a way to tell OBS to listen to anything other than Channel 1 & 2 of Dante Virtual Soundcard?