Recording/Streaming Freeze/Stuttering


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This is unrelated to my system resource usage. For some reason, after about an hour of streaming/recording with OBS, doing both simultaneously, things start to go screwy. The video starts stuttering, I guess you can call it dropping frames, but its dropping so many that eventually, the entire video freezes completely and only sound plays. You get little staticy bits of sound as if the sound is glitching too.

I had one recording that was about an hour, it seemed fine for the most part. It was smooth all the way through, file came out to be 4GB exactly.
This new one, it was nearly 3 hours and it came out to be 5.55GB. Half of it is destroyed. At the 1 hour 20 minute 10 second mark it started to stutter, every second it got worse and worse. 20 seconds later, it was playing at 1 frame per two seconds. 2 more minutes, 1 frame per minute or less. This was recording at 60FPS at 1080p.

I can be completely sure it wasn't system resource issues, because due to OBS being unable to capture the window properly, I had to record my entire screen. In the background, was my system monitors, no increase in memory usage between starting and stopping, only one of the 16 threads were actively in use.

I cannot figure out why this is happening.

Do -NOT- suggest this is a connection issue. A connection issue cannot affect a local recorded file.
Do -NOT- suggest that I do not have the memory, or the drive space, or the CPU, or whatever, to handle this.
-- i9 5GHz, 32GB RAM, 8GB Dedicated VRAM, Three 1TB SSDs.
I simply add this to the end to prevent many suggestions from users making assumptions.


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And you ignored the pinned post in this forum about posting your OBS log when as asking for help?
And there are plenty of background processes that could interfere, that have nothing to do with OBS, or an OBS plugin, and much of that won't be visible in an OBS log. But let's start with your OBS log


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Well, if the sticky post had been red or something like the others, I might have noticed it.
There is no background process at work here. This always starts after a long session. I tend to use nVidia Share to record, but when I started using OBS to stream, I started using it to record as well because it would do them both at the same time and not waste extra resources on the task. But it looks like OBS has a problem with long sessions. Unless you think coincidentally the same background process keeps starting up after a long session of streaming/recording.