1. D

    can't stream in any resolution other than 1080P after latest update

    Before latest OBS update as long as my bitrate didn't go over 8500, my console viewers could change quality settings and view stream in 720P. After update it doesn't matter how low of a bitrate I choose, viewers can't change quality form 1080P to any other resolution. I'm fine with streaming at...
  2. zawx

    Problème de résolution.

    Bonjour, tout le monde, Je vous sollicite aujourd'hui pour un problème que je rencontre. Lorsque je souhaite changer ma résolution pour Stream a savoir sur la plateforme kick. Je ne peut accéder qu'a la résolution 7202p60. Malgré le faite que j'ai changer ma résolution et dans sortie et dans...
  3. O

    Simple zooming in/out firmware

    hi folks, I am a NB here and very much appreciate the help. I am looking for a simple background tool to let me digitally zoom in/out, in other words, to increase/decrease the field of vision. OBS studio is MORE than capable of doing this, but it has a huge footprint. Are there any tools (Open...
  4. S

    Stream output in 1080p, record in 4K?

    I'm using a 4K canvas, can I record my stream in 4K but have the stream output set as 1080p? I have the computer power to do it, but not the internet connection to upload 4K stream. Plan to use the 4K footage from the recording in videos later though.
  5. M

    Ayuda con mi camara

    Hola, uso una cámara logitech c920e, la usaba para hacer streams e iba perfecto. 60 fps, 1920x1080 de resolución. Pero hoy al abrí el programa la cámara no era reconocida. Para mi sorpresa, se debía que obs dejo de reconocer la resolución de 1920x1080, solo me permite poner la cámara el 640x360...
  6. G

    Preview is very small even afther adjusting the settings to match my screen.

    So as you can see the screen i try to capture is very small and in the settings ive my settings like allways. The screen is a application so its the same size as my screen which is 3840-2160. I hope someone can tell me what i do wrong. So please help because i would like to start streaming...
  7. sammieko

    NDI HX capture || help settings

    Helloo fellasss i need some help with my NDI screen capture. I’ve recently purchased this application: And i have to say it works Great in compare with every other app i tryed. got only one question now. Does someone knows how to lower the resolution and ive possible maybe the fps. Like when...
  8. Infonesii

    Scaling issue

    So today I updated to the 27 release of OBS and now all of my transitions are appearing at the wrong resolution. I use 2560x1440 Base Canvas and a 1920x1080 Output Scaled Resolution. Until today my transitions worked properly however now they are appearing to small. (I believe they're appearing...
  9. D

    Powerpoint output resolution

    Hi all, I'm an OBS newbie and in need of your help. Unfortunately I don't have the access to the log file, but hopefully some sort of an answer could be found. We're using OBS for live streaming through YouTube, and we use PowerPoint (pptx.) as a source file for our subtitles and stuff, along...
  10. P

    is the output scaling with filter or not?

    hey, so ive set up my Base Resolution to 1920x1080, but i want to record also in 1080p, so therefore isthe scaled resolution also 1920x1080. My question: If i output the Stream in 1664x936 , what scaling filter does obs use to scale it ? should you ask why 936p, its cause its a ''real'' 16:9...
  11. S


    Hello, I have a question with a technical question of resolutions and bitrate, etc. I have the stream set to 1920 x 1080 but I change the stream output to 852x480 with a bit rate of 1600 kb/ s. I play most of the games in 1920x1080p. The problem is that some games like Spellbreak the stream...
  12. D

    Problems with streaming!

    Hello there! i will try to explain my problem as accurately as possible- I want to start streaming overwatch. My monitor is at 2k resolution, but i figured for streaming i will drop my game resolution to full hd, and the same i did in streamlabs obs with my canvas size, and output resolution...
  13. I

    Can I change Canvas Resolution without stopping the stream/recording?

    I have two monitors, one has an aspect ratio of 5:4 and the other one is 16:10, and I was wondering if there is a way to change the canvas resolution or something so the video output will look ok when I change the scene from a monitor to the other without stopping the stream/recording...
  14. M

    Question / Help Quality improvements while recording (Base/Canvas Resolution) in 2560x1440 but Output Resolution 1920x1080?

    Hey there! I've got a question regarding quality while recording with OBS, maybe it is stupid, but I couldn't find an answer on google or here in the forum. Generally I am recording in 1920x1080 (Base and Output Resolution), yesterday I've read that recording in 2560x1440 is way better than...
  15. M

    Question / Help OBS Recording resolution bad

    I just started streaming and using OBS. I was recording my streeam yesterday and I realised that the resolution of the recording is really low! I already set the output to 720p, and I checked the properties of the video, it says the video file is 720p, but the recording is still very blurry! I...