Powerpoint output resolution


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Hi all, I'm an OBS newbie and in need of your help. Unfortunately I don't have the access to the log file, but hopefully some sort of an answer could be found.

We're using OBS for live streaming through YouTube, and we use PowerPoint (pptx.) as a source file for our subtitles and stuff, along with video cameras. When we're streaming, it seems like the resolution for our subtitles from pptx files are getting low and shows up a bit blurry/broken on the livestream.

FYI, currently our video setting shows:
- Base (canvas) resolution 1920x1080, ratio 169
- output resolution 1280x720, ratio 169
- Bicubic
- FPS 30
The first thing we're considering is changing the output resolution to match the base (canvas) resolution. What are some other things I need to check to make sure the blurriness doesn't happen? (e.g. pptx template source resolution, settings to change on OBS, monitor settings, etc.)

Thanks all in advance!


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As others taught me
- yes, I set base canvas and output to be same resolution
Then, as streaming to Facebook (which only accepts 720p from us), I rescale on Streaming tab, that way I can record locally at full resolution

I'm guessing you are using a PPTx windowed slide show view, right?
The re-scaling for me was set to Disabled/default. I was advised to changed your Window Capture transform/re-scaling to be bicubic.
The other thing I did was to adjust my PPTx window, such that re-scaling isn't needed (ie set to window size/pixel count, such that you are NOT resizing at all, just positioning in OBS canvas)
I suspect there is more I could be doing, but that is what I'm doing and it works ok
In my case, I have the windows PPTx slide show on left side of OBS canvas, as I'm displaying a lot more than lyrics/sub-titles, but depends on use case. I purchased a 1440p monitor, so I could get the full 1080p height, and title bar etc, visible and not re-size in OBS

Bicubic is the typical recommendation, but if I read and recall correctly, there are other options, which are slightly better at cost of a lot more processing, so whether that is worth pursuing for PPTx window depends on your hardware capacity