Question / Help Quality improvements while recording (Base/Canvas Resolution) in 2560x1440 but Output Resolution 1920x1080?


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Hey there!
I've got a question regarding quality while recording with OBS, maybe it is stupid, but I couldn't find an answer on google or here in the forum.

Generally I am recording in 1920x1080 (Base and Output Resolution), yesterday I've read that recording in 2560x1440 is way better than recording in 1920x1080 (of course higher resolution results in better video quality - that's my thought).

So I tried recording in 2560x1440 (Base and Output Resolution) but the recorded video was kinda "laggy". I have constantly 60 FPS ingame and while recording, but when I watch the video afterwards the FPS vary between 35-45.

After realizing that it is either not possible for me to record in 2560x1440 or I have the wrong settings I tried something different: Ingame I left the resolution at 2560x1440 and in OBS I changed it to 2560x1440 for Base Resolution and 1920x1080 for Output Resolution. It worked well using these settings, no laggy videos and constant 60 FPS.

I was just wondering if there is any quality improvement on either
1) Base Resolution: 2560x1440 and Output Resolution 1920x1080
2) Base Resolution: 1920x1080 and Output Resolution 1920x1080

Is it better to use 1) because the ingame resolution and quality is higher and maybe it therefore effects the output video even though the Output Resolution is set at 1920x1080 or is it the same result either using 1) or 2)? (I hope you know what I mean :))

Another question I have is if there is any possibility to record in Base and Output Resolution 2560x1440 without having a laggy output video and constantly 60 FPS. My recording settings are in the attached file below.


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