1. A

    repair interrupted mp4 caused by running out of storage

    Hello. I was recording and suddenly a warning appeared that showed storage is full. recording stopped and unfortunately, the exported mp4 is interrupted and I am not able to play it. is there any way to recover it?
  2. Starsh1pTroop3r

    OBS says recording is 60fps, when it isn't

    I'm really new to OBS and I've had to figure out all of my settings with just youtube guides and various people helping me, and with that, I've gotten the best quality I can get for my hardware, with no impacts on performance either- there's just one problem.. No matter what I change or tweak...
  3. G

    No Desktop sound recorded

    Hi there, so I got a sound issue that drives me crazy : OBS never record the desktop sound, even if I see it modulating (cf photo 1). I checked the souce, wich is speakers (High definition audio device, cf photo 2) on both tracks, the same setting that for windows. I also checked the other...
  4. XyL1GuN4eG

    Multiple audio tracks when recording

    In the settings, you can enable recording of multiple audio tracks. And indeed, when moving a file to the timeline, for example in PremierePro audio roads 3, but! These 3 audio roads have the same information. I want to say that when I turn on the recording of three audio tracks, I would like...
  5. BlueisDue

    Application Audio Capture: Capture active window only

    Is it possible to define the Application Audio Capture (BETA) source as the currently selected window? For context, I am using this as an effective way to isolate game audio from my microphone / discord, and then rebalancing audio levels in post prod. This set up works excellently, however the...
  6. J

    Hot key needed

    I use Stream Deck and I really need to create a Hot Key that will perform the following task in studio mode: One Key that will Fade to Black & Stop Record One Key that will Start Record & Fade from Black NOTE: Source remains constant Thanks in advance
  7. M

    Anyone knows how to fix microphone audio not be heard in a long recording?

    I have had this issue for a while now. And every time I record a long video, say 20 minutes, it does not have any recording, but if I record 30 seconds or 1 minute, it still has microphone audio. This did not happen before as I was using this and the video was a long video like 1-hour recording...
  8. J

    Trying to stream STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor ends in OBS locking up and freezing the stream

    I've just spent 4 hours trying to fix whatever is going on but, the same settings work in every other game I've tested and streamed up to now. The problem: OBS hangs and freezes the recording and stream randomly when trying to play STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor. The System: Windows 11 build...
  9. C

    Recording timer?

    Hi everyone! :) First of all I am totally new here and am really sorry, in case I did not find the best place for my question! Also I tried to look for the answers to my question / suggestion but really did not find any answer that would have solved my problem. So I wonder is there a recording...
  10. Y

    There's voice but no image

    I am trying to open a live broadcast on OBS(not start one), but I can hear the sound and there is no image. I am attaching screenshots(merged as one) and log files. I tried to use ffmpeg while trying to record the Tiktok live stream, but it doesn’t work because it doesn’t recognize the codec...
  11. AmberSource

    Recording start and end sound, screenshot sound

    I'm just getting used to the OBS Is it possible to put a sound in the OBS at the beginning, end of recording? As well as the sound of the screenshot I assume that this can be done using a script or plugins. If so, does anyone have anything in mind?
  12. HowerfPlay

    Recorded video shown as Live

    I was going to edit a video i recorded for my channel, then i saw this... The video file is mkv. It happened when I was live on twitch, but i don't think this should happen. Can I convert it to mp4 then it'll fix? or can i do something else?
  13. Dwoink

    Switch multiple audio tracks Record or Stream

    Hi everyone, When i record, i use multiple audio tracks (2 or 3). If i want to stream, do i need to switch all my tracks on channel 1? Before launch a stream or OBS autro regroup every tracks on the track one? Thanks for your answer and support, Regards, Dwoink
  14. A

    Window capture pixels issue

    Hello OBS community, I am recording multiple Window captures (mostly Google Chrome, Visual Studio Code and Powerpoint Presentation). I record them from that has Display resolution set to 1920 x 1080 in Windows. In OBS -> Settings -> Output -> Recording -> I have Rescale Output to 1920x1080 (I...
  15. H

    How to stream and record the game from different sources?

    I have several sources: game, chat, poll and notifications. I'm streaming to Twitch at the same time and recording the game to the hard drive. But I want the stream to show the game, chat, poll, and notifications. And the recording showed only the game, without chat, polling and notifications...
  16. A

    Record RDP Sessions

    Hi guys ... I need to record every sessions made with RDP to employee VPS and right now I tried scheduler event to trigger OBS command but I FAILED. Also there is 2 problems with the recording, size and resolution of the recording is not always the same because every client have differnt monitor...
  17. T

    OBS Suddenly Recording Huge Video Files

    I've been using OBS (currently on OBS 27.2.4 64-bit Windows) record while streaming for some time now. It's not serious; just a hobby to encourage me to not forget one of my passions. While moving files to flash drives for better CPU performance, I noticed that my videos absolutely ballooned...
  18. 0

    OBS Studio Don't Recording Roblox Studio

    when i try to record roblox studio i set everything up and then obs studio just shows black screen instead of roblox studio. help me please
  19. K

    Dual video recording with different bitrates

    Hi, Is it possible to record video twice with different bitrates in one OBS instance? I know there is a plugin for two streams at the same time. I also know that I can record using two OBS instances. But is there any other possibility to record in one OBS, on two SSDs, on two paths with...
  20. T

    Simple to advanced settings

    I am using OBS to record videos. I am using simple mode at the moment but wanting to use advanced for multiple audio tracks. I just wanna get recording settings correct. I am using Nvenc H.264 and Indistinguishable Quality. What do I put in all the settings on advanced to get the same quality...