1. P

    Question / Help Recording w/out Cam & streaming With.. at same time????

    Hi my name is Pall. I want to be able to stream with my camera and record without so i can communicate with any audience and then upload a Edited video. If someone can help me with this i'd be very thankful! Thank you in advance.
  2. D

    Question / Help Videos not doing well

    Ok. So I have a problem with my videos where it only captures about 15 frames in the timespan of around 15 minutes yet OBS says it’s running at about 30 - 60 FPS. Is this a problem with my computer or how I set up my encoding software?
  3. N

    Question / Help I need Help (I want record Minecraft)

    When I try to record Minecraft, some colors on the screen are darkened. help me. Since I captured the symptoms, I put a link on it. ( )
  4. T

    Question / Help OBS Stuttering in Preview/Recording/Stream

    Hey, So I recently changed to a new PC ( i9 9900k + 2080 ti ) from my old PC ( i7 8700k & 1080 ti ) and now I have issues. I use the exact same settings ( same scenes, same everything ) on the new PC as the old one. I tried locking my frames in game to less frames than my old one and I still...
  5. M

    Bug Report OBS 23.0.2 Will Not Record Minecraft 1.13.2

    Hey, I have used OBS Studio for a while, and I love it. I recently updated it to OBS to 23.0.2, and now it won't record Minecraft 1.13.2. It WILL record 1.12.2, but it's just a blank screen in the preview when I try to record 1.13. I hope this is just a bug for this update and it will be fixed...
  6. A

    Question / Help Green Overlay on top of recording and stream

    I cant record or stream because there is a green color over my video but i can hear the audio i dont know what to do Here is the Log File
  7. M

    Question / Help How to decide discors and game sound channels?

    I want to remove discord sounds from my record.So how can i do it?
  8. F

    Question / Help Recording/streaming settings for Ryzen 5 1400/GTX 1060 3gb/8GB RAM/120GB SSD 60fps

    Would love to record in 60 fps 1080p if possible, if not 720p while keeping 60 fps constantly. I mostly would like to record/stream games such as GTA V, Dota 2, CS:GO, Apex Legends, Rocket League and so on so forth. What would be the best settings ? Thanks in advance
  9. Т

    Question / Help Does not stop recording

    Останавливает запись, говорит, что она останавливается, но на самом деле нет, очень долгое ожидание, результат взбесился, выкинул ошибку, это происходит через время
  10. P

    Bug Report Doom stops working when i try to record gameplay

    URLs for log files are here: My system info: ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 2/4/2019, 23:18:04 Machine name: DESKTOP-MKJ6LJ4...
  11. M

    Question / Help Help, OBS recording with lower FPS than what it should.

    I've been trying to configure OBS for my new computer to record in 1080p at 60 FPS, and while I've been watching a few videos to try and get the most optimized output, for some reason the output comes out with about 15 FPS or lower, and I don't really know what to do anymore. About a few months...
  12. N

    Question / Help *FIXED* (Recording) Screen freezing at the beginning of video but audio continues.

    The screen freezes and stays for 4-8 seconds (Only in the recording; The OBS Preview and In-Game keeps running normally), after that time everything in the recording becomes normal. That never happened to me before. Forgive me if I mispelled or said something wrong, I'm not a native english...
  13. S

    Question / Help Error when attempting to start recording

    Sorry if this is a common error, I tried searching for it but couldn't solve it. The preview works, but it just can't record. No black screen error (yet).
  14. P

    Question / Help Obs Studio drop fps while recording/streaming [SOLVED]

    So heres the thing, i try everthing here, lowering the bitrate, use x264, nvenc, close the preview and nothing works, plus when i use nvidia share to record or stream its lag free (i wanna use obs for the audio options), and i really dont know what to do anymore, anyone know how to fix this fps...
  15. S

    Question / Help Audio Track Recovery

    So I just recorded the like the past 2 hours of gameplay with me and my friend, but when I put the mp4 in Sony Vegas there are about 8 or so audio tracks and half of them don’t have any sound and the other half all have only my mic audio, so no game sound and no discord sound. However I had an...
  16. R

    Question / Help Multi-Cam Recording and Storage for Editing?

    I am setting up multiple webcams (at least 4) with the hope of live-streaming AND capturing video for post-production edits later on. Can OBS not only record what we LIVESTREAM, but record and store ALL CAMERA videos simultaneously to use for for editing later on?
  17. M

    Question / Help New Laptop obs won't let me record just ran all updates. HELP PLEASE!!!

    I just got a new laptop and just need to know what i need to do to get obs recording and acting right. Please let me know if you can figure out what i need to do. OBS 22.0.2 (64-bit, windows) log file uploaded at 2018-10-30, 19:55:45 19:54:57.438...
  18. MuttMeat

    Question / Help OBS Fails to Record (NVENC)

    I copied over the settings I used for Streamlabs OBS to OBS Studio, but it gives me an error. I tried before and after updating my Geforce driver but to no avail. Log:
  19. F

    Question / Help OSB Recording Issue on intel hd graphics (Lagging)

    hey can anyone help me plz i want to record games in 720p 60fps im getting 60fps in all my games but on my recording videos its like 30fps my specs : cpu: i7 7700k gpu: intel hd 630 ram: 16gb 3200mhz single chanel thats my OBS settings :
  20. E

    Question / Help Audio problem. OBS captures screen audio for no reason

    Hello, I have a new problem with OBS. I have just recorded a Google Window, and the only audio source that it should have recorded is the one from the microphone of my headset, but, instead, it has also recorded the Audio from Sony Vegas and Youtube, because I was playing some clips on them. I...