1. M

    Question / Help Automatically cut videos every x minutes while recording?

    Is there some way (either natively or via a plugin) to limit the max time of a single recorded file? The goal is to be able to leave it recording continuously, where every i.e. 30 minutes, it'll split to a new file (stop recording for a moment, begin recording a new file)? Thanks in advance.
  2. coldz

    Question / Help game recordings laggy and trash

    So, when I wanna record a Roblox video for my youtube channel the Roblox video is complete trash any help/fix? OBS Recording Settings: 720p 25fps, 10,000 bitrate, VBR, and that's most of it. Proof:
  3. B

    Question / Help Large File Sizes

    Is it normal for file sizes to be this large? A 12 minute video for me is almost 3GB, which seems absurd, especially with the medium file size option. If I'm being dumb let me know, but it doesn't feel right. This is a bit of a problem for me because my upload speed is terrible, which causes...
  4. C

    Question / Help Recording Problem ruining recordings

    Like the title says I've been having a problem with OBS studio that ruins my recordings and prevents me from uploading them as I cannot edit them, which because I'm using multi-track audio is a necessity. What basically happens is that after I record the video I open it to make sure that it...
  5. G


    Hello, new user here so I apologize if this question is covered somewhere else - I can't seem to find anything. I just finished recording a video interview where I used OBS to record myself using my webcam and then did a (fullscreen) zoom recording of the interviewee. I know have two files...
  6. I

    Question / Help OBS: Choppy Recording Playback

    Hello, I am new to the OBS/recording community and I am having some issues with the playback quality of my recordings. When I view my recording, the playback is choppy and looks like it skips frames. I have tried many things and nothing seems to work or make it better. Below is a list of of...
  7. M

    Question / Help Stutters in recording

    Hi! I've recently started using Slobs, about 2 or 3 months ago. Now i have changed a view settings to get better quality following a youtube guide. I don't even know if it's that useful when i don't have the same setup. In my last stream i got small stutters that last for about 2-3 seconds for...
  8. M

    Question / Help What is a good bitrate for recording 1080p 60Fps?

    I've been using Obs for a few years now and have never found the "Best" settings. I've heard bitrate can be the problem, so I decided to post here. What bitrate setting should I use? Like Cqp,Cbr, Vbr, or whatever. And what numbers? Thanks in advance. :) Specs: Acer Predator Helios 300 GPU...
  9. Y

    Question / Help encodage en surcharge

    j'ai une bonne config pour rec (i5 7400, rx 590 et 16go ram, 1to + hdd) mais quand je veux enregistrer quelque chose + de 60 fps j'ai en encodage en surcharge peu importe l'encodeur (pire avec le processeur donc j'utilise plutôt le gpu) je ne comprends pas pourquoi certains avec de moins bonne...
  10. avasam

    Question / Help Resolution problem and crystal recording in obs-studio

    I'm using Obs-studio for recording tutorial videos. My monitor resolution is 1366*768 and i set in obs>setting/video 1366*768 for both Base and Output. and Setting>Output is like this : other informations : obs-studio version : 25.0.8-1 64-bit OS : arch-Linux with gnome-xorg desktop...
  11. SirAchesis

    Question / Help Recordings keep stuttering

    Hey, My obs recordings keeps stuttering a lot, but I have no idea what is causing it. I've tried different bitrates, different fps recordings etc. I'm recording OW, which is running at 144 capped. GPU utilization is only 80% most of the time 1440P resolution, scaled to 1920x1080
  12. BandittoG

    Question / Help Lag after record

    Hi there, i have a problem, when I record everything is fine, after I end recording and open the video it lags and looks like some frames had been skipped! HELP My log file: OBS 25.0.8 (64-bit, windows)
  13. E

    Question / Help Video lags with ipevo document camera

    I am using the ipevo document camera as my source for both audio and video. The audio comes out fine but the video lags big time, and seems to get even worse (virtually stuck) later in the video. Windows 10 on old PC that still does other things in life fine. Any chance here or just get new...
  14. B

    Question / Help OBS crashing during streaming and recording

    I include the log and crash report from today's stream test, but is the same issue like other times.
  15. K

    Question / Help OBS Showing 60 but not (Record Problem)

    I use double screen. both 60 hertz. Obs version 25.0.1 is up to date. I follow the obs program from the second screen. I don't start yet recording but fps drop and stuttering. the same thing happens whether I start record it or not Obs recording is sometimes fluent, sometimes stuttering, (but...
  16. N

    Question / Help Chose the right microphone source, but don't see it in OBS Mixer

    Hi, I want to record my audio with the Universal Audio Apollo twin Interface but I have one problem. When I go to settings - Audio - Devices - Mic/Auxiliary Audio and choose the right interface, OBS can't find the audio signal so i have no signal in the mixer. The problem is, this audio...
  17. aginton

    Question / Help How to record audio coming into headphones (but not pickup mic)

    I'm new to using OBS, so sorry if this is obvious, but I haven't been able to work it out so far: Suppose I'm video chatting with someone and have headphones plugged into my PC. How can I record the audio coming while not picking up anything from my mic?
  18. J

    Question / Help Sharper Image, please help

    I'm using an HP ENVY dv6 Notebook PC and Steam for recording only, no streaming yet. No graphics card. I'd appreciate someone letting me know how to get a slightly sharper image. I don't know what most individual changes do yet but I've tried tweaking one at a time for a sharper image and...
  19. J

    Recording feedback, in full-screen mode when R is pressed

    Hello, I will use OBS-studio to record videos always in full-screen by pressing R (record) and S (stop). However, I do not get any feedback from the program, and I do not have a confirmation whether I am recording or not. Do you know how could I solve this issue? Thanks in advance.
  20. A

    Question / Help High Ping ingame when using NDI

    Hello everyone i had a problem recording normaly from OBS because i have 1GPU and it was maxing out when i started recording so it gave choppy recordings. My buddy sugested to use NDI for OBS i had a spare gaming laptop so i gave it a shot . Amazing plug in. The recordings were smooth on...