1. L

    Separate audio

    So I separated my audio before in OBS Studio however when playing Warzone or even Call of Duty games on my PC that I ALSO stream and record from and when I kill someone and they give me a "death comm" where I can hear what they said once I kill them I can hear it BUT my stream or the recording...
  2. swabbie

    OBS record Zoom inputs only

    I want OBS to record my microphone only if I speak or open my mic on Zoom or any other online meeting platforms. On default it would just record my microphone and capture my audio even if I am not speaking on Zoom. How would I do this?
  3. S

    Help for the best settings for my pc

    Hi, First of all thanks in advance to everyone.. As you can read in the title, i need the best settings for my pc, on recording only, but of course if you had any recommendation for streaming settings, then be my guest. So my PC Spec is: Core i5-3570 GTX 750 Ti 4X2GB DDR3 RAM Also Taffware BM...
  4. B

    Skype Video (guest) lagging

    Hey there, would love any ideas/suggestions for help... I use OBS to bring in guests for interviews via Skype. Over the past few weeks, every guest I've had has experienced glitchy video feeds within OBS. Their video will stall for 3-6 seconds (audio remains unaffected), and then eventually...
  5. O

    OBS frequently crashes after stopping record.

    As the title suggests. I am yet to find a common reason for the crash. Can't find a specific logic behind the crashing.. OBS remuxes the recording, and it might take a good 10 seconds before it crashes. I am aware that the log file says two instances. Thats due to another problem i have, but...
  6. jalenp69

    OBS recording crashes PC

    Hi I'm new here so sorry in advance if I'm not posting correctly or anything. So I actively record gaming videos and have been doing so for months with obs. I just updated to the newest version either March 31 or April 1 and since then when I record while gaming, my pc crashes. Black screen, gpu...
  7. T

    Frame rate problem on recording (frames are missing)

    Hi, I record my video lessons with OBS. I only record, no stream. My GH5 camera is plugged to my Mac with Elgato Camlink 4K and I also record my laptop screen. I set 25fps. But on my recordings, some frames are doubled so I don't have 25 frames but like 15 or 20. Generally, at the beginning...
  8. Z

    Doesn't record longer sessions.

    My obs is not recording sessions longer than about 4 mins. But it could also be my output path but i get the videos thats about 3 mins long but not the longer ones, i recorded multiple vids and got pretty sad when they didnt end up in my output folder. please help
  9. L

    Weird "buffer" problem middle of recording

    Hey all, Can you guys help me out? For some reason, in every recording i have done this weird "flicker/buffer" appears and i have no clue, what to do... There's no problem in game, just in record. I will attach a quick video, what i mean exactly. Short example video is from a game called "A Way...
  10. noor_alif

    An encoder error occurred while recording (AMD GPU)

    Hello devs. I have an XFX AMD Radeon™ RX 570 RS 8GB XXX Edition gpu and when i try to record video with h265 hvec encoder i get the error saying "an encoder error occurred while recording" can you guys please help me solve the problem ? Note: I changed the color mode to RGB because i don't...
  11. J

    record settings please help

    Advanced recording settings for GTX 1050ti 8GB ram and i5 7500 to play Triple-A games Without lag and FPS drops
  12. J

    Recording settings please help

    Advanced recording settings for GTX 1050ti 8GB ram and i5 7500 to play Triple-A games Without lag and FPS drops
  13. X

    OBS Record

    Recorded the moment through OBS (2 audio tracks) But for some reason the audio track with PC sounds (game, discord, etc.) lags behind the video
  14. antututhoi

    Please recommend me best setting for recording with my low end laptop

    Hello guys Im playing FPS games and want to record some gameplay but im having some issues: - everytime i start record, the game freeze and take around 10s to go back to normal, this only happen in the first record, when i stop record and start again, the game doesnt freeze anymore - the audio...
  15. E

    Encoder randomly getting overloaded while recording when it usually runs fine

    I've been using OBS to record my videos for 18 months, and I've had the same settings the whole time. I've been able to record almost any game without any sort of lag, up until 12.18.2021. I didn't change any settings, yet I'm now getting the "Encoding overloaded" warning message every time I...
  16. R

    Help! OBS recorded file became corrupted when uploading to YouTube

    Pls Help with how to fix my recorded files. I have done multiple recordings and didn't know they become corrupted when uploading to YouTube. They can play very well and can even upload to Facebook. But when I upload them to YouTube it cannot be edited like the title and description it always...
  17. M

    Black Screen if I don't use SLI/Crossfire Capture Mode

    Hey guys, I've been trying to stream/record Brawlhalla, a 2d game. But, if I don't enable Crossfire Capture Mode I'll get just a black screen. The problem is that with SLI/Crossfire Capture Mode turned on my fps in the game drop a lot. I've tried many different settings and none of then worked...
  18. ilias kapa

    stream multiple audio tracks

    hello. i am a new streamer on twitch and i am streaming and recording at the same time. to be able to stream my game audio and my mic audio ihave to choose track 1 or 2 etc. (if i choose track 1 for game audio and trrack 2 for my mic, my voice dosnt stream.) after finishing stream/record i get a...
  19. sonicgalaxy27

    Game audio issues and lag help

    Hey everyone. I'm currently stuck on the problem for 3 hours now. Everytime I record my video in OBS with my capture card, there is no game audio sound in my video file that I save. This is so freaking frustrating because of it and I really had enough with this issue. Is there a way to solve...
  20. sonicgalaxy27

    OBS no audio when recording

    Hey guys. I got a small problem. How do I get the game audio to have sounds. Everytime I record my video in OBS with my capture card, there is no game audio sound in my video. Is there a way to solve this issue. I need help with this problem please.