OBS Output Bitrate Differs From Entered Bitrate in Output Settings


New Member
Having an issue when I start up a stream. For some reason, OBS outputs a massive bitrate when I first start streaming a new show. No matter what I do in the output settings, it will jump around wildly, then eventually settle after 10-20min of streaming. This causes the beginning of the streams to be choppy and look bad. If I have 3500 entered in the output settings, with will show 8000+ that it tries to stream out. That number will bounce around from 5000-10000 (Lower right corner of OBS) no matter what changes I make to the Bitrate in Output settings. Anyone else experience this issue, or have a fix? Again, its not bad after 20 min or so, it seems to settle into the bitrate I input. But it would be nice to have the stream constant from the time I start it.

log file attached.