1. M

    What bitrate do you suggest for 2560x1440?

    I have RTX 3060 so even in 120k bit rate it doesn't use any resources. However the output size becomes too high. For 2560x1440 pixel what optimal bitrate do you suggest? and also for 3840x2160 what optimal bitrate do you suggest? What audio bitrate do you suggest? I am recording in 60 FPS...
  2. R

    Constant Upload/KBPS drops.

    As i'm streaming every here and then aprox. 10/15 minutes my upload drops down to 0, While in game works completely fine, I've tried reading my net graphs and it seems stable but it drops on Stream for no reason. Any fixes?
  3. sxetch

    OBS Output Bitrate Differs From Entered Bitrate in Output Settings

    Having an issue when I start up a stream. For some reason, OBS outputs a massive bitrate when I first start streaming a new show. No matter what I do in the output settings, it will jump around wildly, then eventually settle after 10-20min of streaming. This causes the beginning of the streams...
  4. T

    Question / Help OBS randomly dropping 70-80% frames

    https://obsproject.com/logs/9L9QwktrZIX2sGTs I've been streaming about a year now and just 2 days ago i went to stream and OBS suddenly was saying my bitrate was super inconsistent and just a mess. I did an online speedtest and im currently at 105down 10up. even after setting my bitrate to...