user experience

  1. skocks

    Add Source Tabs

    I conducted a cognitive walkthrough in order to see if a new user could accomplish a simple task that the software was made to accomplish. Through this cognitive walkthrough, I gained valuable insight on the UI of OBS and thought that there could be some improvements. Specifically in the create...
  2. MisutaaAsriel

    OBS Toolbar 0.1.2

    This plugin makes it easy to access common OBS controls in a toolbar-like widget, without the need of the OBS Controls Dock! Features Stream, Record, Studio Mode, & Virtual Camera buttons. Undockable, with top or bottom window placement. Status display, with stream status, recording status...
  3. DP z

    Could I use OBS well on Windows11?

    Have someone tried this?
  4. M

    Question / Help See attendees (OBS x Instagram)

    I'm using OBS Studio to stream to Instagram and I would like to know if there is a way to see the name of attendees and interact with them using a chat.
  5. B

    Font Scaling in the OBS UI

    Hi there, I've used OBS studio extensively in both Windows and Linux environments. I have a 4k monitor, which I do not scale up, because my monitor is very large. I think the addition of the option to change UI font sizes in the general settings of OBS would be a huge improvement. It would...