1. Rumdel

    Notification about missing file in playlist

    Hello everyone! I have VLC source in my scene. It contains the playlist: d:\video1.ts d:\video2.ts d:\video3.ts but on drive D there are only video1.ts and video3.ts files And when it comes to video2.ts, the stream freezes. Is it possible to make the missing file highlighted in the playlist...
  2. C

    Media Playlist Source 0.0.6

    Media Playlist Source Introduction An OBS Plugin that serves as an alternative to VLC Video Source. It uses the Media Source internally. Features Allows editing the playlist without restarting the video, even if files are reordered. Allows editing any setting without restarting the video...
  3. zeikai

    Non-Free Show Manager Browser Source

    This is the ideal tool for broadcasters who do editorials or other commentary about web page articles, other live stream by re-streaming or videos from any popular source including: Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Rumble, Twitch, Facebook, CNN, Time, and so many more, all you need is the URL...
  4. D

    Virtual camera and VLC video source

    On VLC video source I have folder of music playing fine in stream but nothing on Virtual camera. Only sound on Virtual camera is from microphone. Any ideas how to fix this? Ty
  5. W

    VLC Media playback - beginning and end of songs chopped off

    I have the latest VLC and OBS installed and I'm trying to play some music from a playlist. Unfortunately the transition between songs is being chopped off. Any ideas what's causing this? Are there some settings I need to configure in VLC itself prior to using OBS? It's like it's trying to...
  6. dkunin9

    How to change playlist without stopping music?

    Hello everyone! I want to change the pool of songs in my playlist (delete/add) without restarting the playlist. But when I do so, OBS restarts the playlist and doesn't wait till active song ends. I know it can be done via VLC player but can't figure out how. Also, a folder with my songs is a...
  7. ZhaoXi_Yang

    Why was vlc video source working at first, but stopped playing after a few minutes.

    I generated an M3U playlist file using VLC, and imported it in OBS. But why was vlc video source working at first, then stopped playing after a few minutes.
  8. R

    Edit Playlist Paths

    Hi there, I have a playlist of over 150 videos playing off a drive. However, I would like to play them off another drive instead. Is there a way I can mass edit all of the paths at the same time? Thanks!
  9. M

    Question / Help Vlc media source shows black screen

    1. I am using windows 10 on my laptop with 64 bit obs studio and 64 bit vlc player. When i add a vlc player it shows up as black - no video. I tried adding different videos to the playlist but nothing. I have specified the bounds correctly. I have also made sure that obs uses graphics card in...
  10. C

    Question / Help Is seamless clip repetition in playlist possible?

    Hi, I need to repeat a clip many times in a playlist but, since it's a perfect loop, I need zero lag between end and start. This works perfectly with a looped simple media source, but when I use VLC media's playlist I have a very quick but annoying pause between the end of a repetition and the...
  11. O

    Question / Help Modern problems require modern solutions

    Image source in OBS that is being served via NDI to another OBS instance on the same machine shows up larger on the receiving instance. I've created a rudimentary channel in a box situation using OBS, NDI, and VLC. OBS 1 - Combines a SHOUTcast audio stream with a 1280x720 image as a scene...
  12. 700hours

    Free Audio Wave 1.0.4

    Summary This program is an audio playlist that supports looping a single song, loading songs in batches, and complete and partial unloading; pretty much the minimum definition of a playlist. But the noted addition is the graphic window that comes with it: a wave form based on audio playing...
  13. T

    Media Source Automation Properties

    Hello Developers! Feature request: Add a media source property combo box called "When playback ends" (can replace the "loop" & "show nothing when playback ends" check boxes) There could be various options for example: "Loop" "Show Nothing" "Launch Next scene" (NEW) "Launch Previous Scene" (NEW)...
  14. W

    Question / Help VLC Source playlist not playing all shuffled mp4 videos

    Hi, I have noticed on our obs that the playlist shuffle playing 1 folder of 100+ videos does not seem to play the videos in the upper 50 - 100. Once in 6 months we have seen it play a video above say 50. We have them numbered 01 to 100.mp4 Any suggestions? We re set to loop, shuffle, resume...
  15. Dihelson Mendonca

    Question / Help So, there´s no way to control a media file ? Stop, Pause, FF, Rew...

    Once a media file ( video ) is launched, looks like there´s no way to pause, play, fast forward and rewind the video. Nor when making a playlist, choose the next file to be played after the list has begun ? This is terrible for me, because I usually want to broadcast talking about some artists...
  16. gepd

    Question / Help Playlist countdown or switch scene

    Hi everyone, I'm using a playlist in obs and I want to know when the playlist will end so I can swith the scene just before the video ends. It would be good to have the current position of the video is playing, something like ( 2/3 ) and the remain time of the video. I'm good having this info...
  17. Dihelson Mendonca

    Complete playlist control, like Wirecast and vMix, please !

    OBS is an extraordinary piece of software for almost everything related to streaming. But one of the main problems is it´s weakness on the PLAYLIST section. I try to use OBS as my personal webTV broadcaster to youtube and facebook, but it lacks some of the basic features, like when playing...
  18. S

    Question / Help Adding Spotify Playlist as Browser Source

    Hello There! So I had an idea recently, as part of my Twitch stream, I have a segment where I showcase a local, or undiscovered band or artist. As an added feature to perpetuate this segment, I had the idea to add a spotify playlist containing these artist as a browser source into one of my obs...