Question / Help Is seamless clip repetition in playlist possible?


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Hi, I need to repeat a clip many times in a playlist but, since it's a perfect loop, I need zero lag between end and start.

This works perfectly with a looped simple media source, but when I use VLC media's playlist I have a very quick but annoying pause between the end of a repetition and the start of the next one.

I need to use playlist because I want to repeat X times clip A, then play clip B, and then loop the whole playlist.
Is there any solution?


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Unfortunately, no. VLC loops will always have a certain amount of freeze. I'd suggest using Advanced Scene Switcher to change between scenes having clip A, B, then each of the rest of the playlist items with a delay using the Sequences feature, but it sounds like you're looking for fairly precise timing... the load time for each of the media clips will always vary by a small amount.

If you know how to code webpages, you could set something like that up in a webpage perhaps, and then display the page in a browser source as a possible workaround?