Question / Help Adding media to running YouTube Live Stream


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I'm planning to start a 24x7 stream shortly, hosted on OhBubble. The idea is to simply have a number of videos (mp4 files) playing one after the other, and then have it loop back to the first video at the end of the last. I have a few questions on the best way to achieve this:

1) I was thinking I could just add several "Media Source" types to a single Scene, each with a single video. However, I found an alternative is to add a single "VLC Video Source", and add a bunch of videos as a playlist within that single source. Is either of these techniques preferred?

2) I don't want to stop and start the stream each time I have to add or remove media, so I'm hoping I can do this without ending the stream.
When I add a Media Source to the Sources list, or, if add a video to the VLC Video Source 's playlist, the stream resets and starts at the first video again.
a) Is there a way to avoid this with either of the source types?
b) I haven't tried this live yet, even if I can't fix (a) - I hope this doesn't stop and start the stream again?

3) For the VLC Video Source, can someone explain what "Stop when not visible, restart when visible" means?
Does this refer to stopping and starting the stream? And what does visibility mean here ... visibility of the OBS window, or "visibility" of the media file? Would "Always play even when not visible" be a more appropriate setting?

Apologies in advance for the n00b questions, just getting started with streaming for the first time, and don't want to send my Subscribers multiple notifications for repeated attempts to get this right. Thank you for your time!