1. A

    OBS Virtual Camera and ffmpeg

    Hi, I jumped yesterday to the world of the Virtual Camera because I discovered that on Windows is not possible to share my laptop's internal webcam between multiple apps (Zoom and Chrome in my case. With a OSX it is possible instead). I am testing many virtual camera software, from...
  2. KirbTails69

    Mac O.B.S VLC video player playback tearing

    Know any reason why it’s doing this? I just downloaded some videos to re record to correct a aspect ratio issue and yeah...
  3. The Torch Which Shines

    OBS only records on 2 audio tracks max

    I can split the audio recording with no problem to audio track 1 and track 2, but fsr the tracks 3, 4, 5 and 6 dont work. I wonder if it might be an issue with windows or so because when I import the recording into Premiere Pro there will always be 2 audio tracks inside Premiere Pro. I made...
  4. Luuk Verhagen

    OBS Lua Media Countdown Timer 2.0.0

    This script makes from a text source a media countdown timer. Once any or the selected media starts playing in the live output, there will be a countdown in the selected text source. You can select the text source and the media source (one specific or all) in the script properties.
  5. J


    I am experiencing this ghosting / pixelation as seen in the image below. This happens in OBS, using an RTSP stream on a dedicated gigabit network. When I check VLC using the same RTSP URL and the camera "preview" on the camera's own webpage, we do not see the same issue. The camera bitrate...
  6. T

    VLC source code and ZOOM

    Hi there, I am still new to OBS so please bear with me.. I have added VLC source to my scene and I was using zoom's OBS virtual camera. When I click play in OBS, there is no sound and my participant on the other side can't hear it either. However, if I just play the video without opening zoom...
  7. D

    VLC doesn't show as "VLC source" to make an MP3 playlist?

    I am a newbie here so maybe I'm missing something? It appears that when I attempt to make/add an MP3 playlist to a scene's sources "VLC video source" is an option but not "VLC source" and even when I create and save a music playlist in VLC, OBS doesn't "see" that extension? I've seen other...
  8. N

    Free Current Song Overlay [YouTube/SoundCloud/Spotify/VLC and more] 0.1

    This application allows users to show the playing song without worrying too much about the setup. Ideally you'll install the extension, start a service, and you are good to go. In contrast to other tools, the current song is shown with a minimal delay (often none). Additionally, you can run...
  9. J

    Choose desire variant from Master Playlist URL

    Hi. I stream from OBS to YouTube the live signal from an Open TV channel of my country. I stream on 720p using the URL of the streaming I get from the live player of the website of the TV channel. Lately I discover that that my OBS is choosing only the 480p resolution from the Master Playlist...
  10. NoNamePro0

    Free SongFile 1.0

    Features Supported Music Software - Spotify - VLC - and more.. Install & Usage - Download the software from the 'Releases'. - Extract the zip file to any folder you want. - Now open OBS/XSplit - Create a new Text Layer (for OBS: "Text (GDI+)") that is reading its text from a file. -...
  11. dkunin9

    How to change playlist without stopping music?

    Hello everyone! I want to change the pool of songs in my playlist (delete/add) without restarting the playlist. But when I do so, OBS restarts the playlist and doesn't wait till active song ends. I know it can be done via VLC player but can't figure out how. Also, a folder with my songs is a...
  12. ZhaoXi_Yang

    Why was vlc video source working at first, but stopped playing after a few minutes.

    I generated an M3U playlist file using VLC, and imported it in OBS. But why was vlc video source working at first, then stopped playing after a few minutes.
  13. C

    Audio delayed when opening VLC from second output interface

    I'm using OBS (Windows 10) to capture a VLC window with VLC outputting it's sound to the Zoom H5 (USB Interface mode). I'm also using the Zoom H5 as a microphone: My problem is when I'm monitoring the H5 output audio interface, the Mic input from the H5 has a slight delay when listening...
  14. S

    OBS crashes using VLC sources

    Hi there! I'm continuingly having crashes whenever i use VLC sources. It starts like ok, but after few minutes the CPU load starts to increase and memory use reaches crazy amounts like 20 or 30 Gb, and then, when CPU load is around 30% it crashes. I've also discovered that, while CPU load goes...
  15. Kopiás Csaba


    Hey all! In the past months I've researched quite a lot of stuff around broadcasting with OBS, and I have tried quite a lot of things out. I decided to compile them into a documentation repository, along with my scripts and resources that I have created too. Are you intrested in creating an...
  16. Z

    Non-OBS Script Now Playing Widget 2.2

    I wanted to have a local solution that does not rely on an external server uptime, so here we go ! Here is a simple html file that uses the text and cover generated by Tuna to show an animated "Now Playing" Widget. Requirement Tuna : https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/tuna.843/ How to...
  17. H

    Question / Help Oh My - VLC to OBS to Zoom Livestream

    Everything is setup right in Vlc and obs at least as far as obs can both see and hear the audio but, I cannot get zoom to recognize audio--zoom does pick up video as obs camera. Added Vlc as source and went into advanced setting and changed to both monitor and output. I am using a DSLR and a...
  18. yuletide

    Bug Report VLC Media Playlist Crash after 20-30m

    This has been happening regularly and just crashed my lastest stream :( Seems to happen 20-30m after launch, whether streaming or not (this log is not streaming). Steps to reproduce: - Create a VLC source with videos - Let them play - Crash Log file: https://pastebin.com/3RknKa6s Crash...
  19. betawarz

    VLC Plugin - show current song title on source

    I have a VLC Playlist source that just has a bunch of songs in a playlist. It'd be awesome if that could show the current song title on the source window.
  20. D

    Question / Help OBS, VLC and Zoom Audio Issue

    I am preparing to instruct a class that will include video with sound. I am playing the video in OBS through VLC, and am streaming through Zoom. Initially, I was able to to stream my mic'ed voice and video through Zoom, but was unable to get the video's audio to stream despite being able to...