OBS 26.1.1 and OBS Virtual Camera with VLC/Teamviewer... did not work


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I installed OBS 26.1.1 x64 and want to make a Meeting with Teamviewer and I use the virtualcam in OBS.
I made the video-settings 1920x1080, Bicubic, 60fps.
In Teamviewer I only get a screen capture when I start the camera but not a video stream.
So I tried VLC media player. I open a capture device: DirectShow, OBS Virtual Camera, No Audio, 1920x1080, 60fps and everything works fine.
BUT if I use audio in VLC capture device it's the same as in teamviewer and I get a screen capture.
With GoToMeeting I only get a black screen and the camera won't start.
What can I do?