OBS only records on 2 audio tracks max


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I can split the audio recording with no problem to audio track 1 and track 2, but fsr the tracks 3, 4, 5 and 6 dont work.

I wonder if it might be an issue with windows or so because when I import the recording into Premiere Pro there will always be 2 audio tracks inside Premiere Pro. I made some testing with 0 tracks in OBS, 1 track and 2 tracks and 3 tracks and there always were 2 tracks in Premiere Pro and also in VLC (right click > audio > audio tracks > disable, track 1, track 2). The tracks in premiere were assigned like this: "Audio 1" was the track 1 and "Audio 2" was the track 2. And as I said, they were always there, whether I assigned something to those tracks in OBS or not. If the track was unassigned in OBS, the track was there in Premiere but it was empty.

All my input devices and the desktop audio works, i made sure of that.

What is that?