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Free SongFile 1.0


Supported Music Software
- Spotify
- and more..

Install & Usage

- Download the software from the 'Releases'.
- Extract the zip file to any folder you want.
- Now open OBS/XSplit
- Create a new Text Layer (for OBS: "Text (GDI+)") that is reading its text from a file.
- Select the `output.txt` from the folder you extracted the zip file in.
- Open the tool and start your Music Software.

- Have fun! ✨

Nice to know

> You can minimize the Tool in the tray by pressing the minimize button of the window. You can get it back by double-clicking the Tray icon.
> The music application must be open and can't run in background/tray.

> Settings will be applied by pressing 'SAVE CONFIGURATION'

> WARNING! If you move the installation folder, you need to create the OBS text layer again!

> WARNING! If you put any letters in the 'Check interval' box, the app will crash and not start again until you change the number in the config. Be careful.
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Does exactly what it says. I use it with VLC so ymmv with other software but I recommend this for anyone looking to show their "Now Playing options".