Question / Help Oh My - VLC to OBS to Zoom Livestream


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Everything is setup right in Vlc and obs at least as far as obs can both see and hear the audio but, I cannot get zoom to recognize audio--zoom does pick up video as obs camera. Added Vlc as source and went into advanced setting and changed to both monitor and output.

I am using a DSLR and a lan encoder(VeCaster Pro) with obs so that I can stream to zoom. I am also using virtual audio connection. But, I have no idea why i cannot get the mic to work on Zoom. Zoom sees the the virtual audio connection is there but, no sound comes from it. Please help!!!

I didn't see any options to configure for virtual audio connection maybe I am missing something there? Do I need to add another source in obs? Is there a setting I have not considered? Am I losing my mind?