Audio delayed when opening VLC from second output interface


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I'm using OBS (Windows 10) to capture a VLC window with VLC outputting it's sound to the Zoom H5 (USB Interface mode).

Annotation 2020-06-28 133924.png

I'm also using the Zoom H5 as a microphone:


My problem is when I'm monitoring the H5 output audio interface, the Mic input from the H5 has a slight delay when listening from OBS to my headphones from the laptop.

As an example, when I speak through the H5 microphone, the meter in OBS is in sync with my voice and when I broadcast the audio is in sync, however when I'm monitoring OBS through my headphones on the laptop it's a second behind. This is only with OBS; when using other programs the audio is fine.

Everything is fine when I'm not using the H5 audio output interface. As soon as I start up VLC and have it's output through the H5 headphone jack, OBS mic input is then delayed. It can't be the Zoom H5 or an audio driver since this issue is only happening to OBS and the monitoring output is through the laptop headphone jack. In saying that, using the laptops internal mic is unaffected.

Is there known issues with OBS where monitoring audio can become delayed only with monitoring?