audio interface

  1. R

    Intermittent Choppy Audio with Audio Application Capture

    Hi everyone, I've been having a persistent issue with using Audio Application Capture to record audio to separate tracks for ease of editing. Throughout the footage the audio will inevitably end up sounding corrupted at times, while the non-application capture audio does not. I have uploaded...
  2. Alaghi

    Using Focusrite interface to stream more than 2 L/R inputs without glitches

    I have a Clarett+ 4pre USB, using for recording and streaming on OBS on Mac. I mainly stream live music, sometimes I need to setup more than L/R pair of microphones and mix it in a DAW before to stream. It known that OBS just sees the input 1 and 2 for streaming. If you want to capture the...
  3. AlterSack

    Zoom Podtrak P4 in OBS

    in english below ------------- Hallo zusammen, weiß jemand, wie viele Audio-Spuren in OBS angezeigt werden wenn ich einen Zoom-Podtrak P4 über USB anschließe ? eine einzige Spur für den gesamten Output aus den Podtrak P4 oder alle Spuren für jeden Eingang des Podtrak P4 ? Danke ! ------------...
  4. V

    How to select audio inputs?

    I have been experiencing inconsistent operation with OBS and my MOTU M4 for months. In the past, OBS would only allow me to use inputs 1 and 2, inputs 3 and 4 were always completely disregarded by the application. There is no way to select any inputs, just which interface, and it would always...
  5. I

    Problem with drivers and streaming [Traktor3pro+S2 MK3+Behringer UMC404HD + turntable]

    Hi, all i broke my dj mixer and decide to try a controller for the first time but i would like to continue use my audio interface and not the S2 one (i consider my audio interface has superior sound fidelity) On the room sound and cue is always fine (i monitor with headphones connected to the...
  6. K

    Select specific input from audio interface

    I'd like to know how I can select a specific input on my audio interface to stream/record in OBS. I want to select the loopback input on my Scarlett 8i6 which is input 9-10, and I can't figure out how to do it.
  7. B

    Balance control for audio sources

    I've seen this question posted before but have not seen an explanation, so forgive me if this has been answered already. I am trying to use only one of my audio interface inputs in OBS, which on Windows I can do by converting the source to mono and using only the left channel. However, on Mac...
  8. D

    Audio drop-outs/stutters using audio-interface, happens with OBS Studio only.

    TLDR: Audio drops out while using audio-interface with OBS Studio and OBS Studio only! While using audio-interface Behringer UMC204HD with OBS Studio, audio (both microphone and windows audio tracks) constantly and randomly (every 3-5 minutes) drops out for a short period of time, which sounds...
  9. ilwoody

    Capturing audio from external audio interface

    Hello, I understand this could be a little to technical and focus on music, but I'll give it a try with you experts! I'm using OBS with my external audio interface, the M-Audio M-Track 2x2 (see image attached). On channel one, I'm connecting my lavalier microphone, while on channel two my...
  10. C

    Firewire audio interface

    I have a Roland Edirol FA 101 firewire audio interface. I am running OBS on my MacBook pro 2012. I have created an audio input and selected the FA 101 as the Mic input. Although the input is selected as the audio interface I don't get an input signal at all. I get an input signal through my...
  11. davidmcmusic

    Why OBS doesn't get any signal from input 3 on my focusrite 18i8?

    Hello to everyone! The problem is: I connect my keyboard and guitar through inputs 1-2 which let me select between line-instrument connection. And then, I connect my microphone into the input n3. OBS gets the signal well from the inputs 1 and 2 but doesn't from the 3 input (mic). I hear the mic...
  12. musicbySTIX

    Audio Drift - Twitch Drum Stream

    Hey everyone! I'm a Drum Streamer on Twitch and I've been having some serious issues with audio drift between my Drum Audio and Song Audio. I'm already compensating for initial delay in OBS, but no matter what I do both audio signals either start in time and then gradually get out of time, or...
  13. P

    Can't get sound with audio interface WIN 10 UM2 USB

    Hi. I cannot input sound to OBS. I use the Behringer UM2 which works in other applications. OBS recognizes it but it just does not ring, or respond on the meter. It used to work fine in Win 7. Thanks.
  14. C

    Audio delayed when opening VLC from second output interface

    I'm using OBS (Windows 10) to capture a VLC window with VLC outputting it's sound to the Zoom H5 (USB Interface mode). I'm also using the Zoom H5 as a microphone: My problem is when I'm monitoring the H5 output audio interface, the Mic input from the H5 has a slight delay when listening...
  15. G

    Using zoom H5 as audio interface - sound problems

    While I am using my Zoom H5 as an audio interface which feeds into OBS, I sometimes get clicks (as if the sound is peaking, but the Zoom it doesn't show it is too load) and sometimes I have experiencing pitch shift, again without any reason for. Is there anything I can do about this?
  16. S

    Question / Help External audio input routing issues

    HI All As a sound engineer and music producer i tend to think im fairly good with laptop audio routing but this ones stumped me so any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm using a focusrite saffire pro40 to route a stereo line signal (from my DJ mixer) directly into OBS. its routed to...
  17. V

    Question / Help Monitoring Mic delayed, desktop audio not.

    Hello, I am a new OBS user and have yet to get to know all the capabilities of OBS. I am trying to create my setup but struggle with routing. I am using a RME fireface 400 to route all my audio signals to OBS. The problem I have is, I want to monitor the audio that OBS hears. What I did is...
  18. AFavreau

    Question / Help No sound from audio interface

    My Audio Interface, the RME FireFace800, appears in OBS and I can select as a source. However, no audio is received, I'm not sure why. I tried input 1 and 7, but it's the same. Is there a setting somewhere I'm suppose to set in OBS? Or something in my Interface? Thanks for your help
  19. A

    Question / Help How do I set up my Focusrite Scarlett 18i20?

    Hey ladies and gents, I need some help figuring out how to set up my audio interface. Windows sees the 18i20 but it seems like OBS doesn't receive any signal from the device, which has the 48v on and I can see the meters moving so the 18i20 is working properly. I usually use this on my laptop...
  20. devster

    Question / Help Audient iD14 support

    I was evaluating this interface to add a microphone to my setup (MacOS, I know, not the default choice), not just for streaming. I was wondering if it's possible to have separate channels inside OBS with it. Ideally I'd like to have microphone, chat, and game sound all available to OBS, not just...