Audio drop-outs/stutters using audio-interface, happens with OBS Studio only.


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TLDR: Audio drops out while using audio-interface with OBS Studio and OBS Studio only!

While using audio-interface Behringer UMC204HD with OBS Studio, audio (both microphone and windows audio tracks) constantly and randomly (every 3-5 minutes) drops out for a short period of time, which sounds like stutter or click. On the spectrogram it looks like this:
Most of the time the length of these drop-outs is 20 ms.

These steps were taken in order to localize the issue:
  • trying different USB-cables
  • trying different USB-ports, as well as self-powered USB-hubs
  • running OBS with Admin privileges
  • trying different OS, PC, notebook
  • setting different sample rates (44100/48000)
  • trying different windows audio optimizing guides (High Performance mode, disabling USB power management etc.)
  • routing everything through Voicemeeter Banana in every kind of way (I promise I tried everything in there)
  • routing mic signal via VB-cable through Reaper
  • trying different codec (x264, NVENC), FPS, way of audio capture (settings vs source)
  • trying ASIO capture plugin
  • trying ffmpeg with WAV (PCM) as audio codec
...and many many other things that I already forgot. But I promise, I tried A LOT.
Now let's look at situations when this DOESN'T happen:
  • while recording in a DAW (Reaper, Adobe Audition, Audacity / ASIO, WASAPI, MME)
  • while recording in XSPLIT (!!!)
...and the most interesting:
  • while recording in OBS Classic !!!!!!
I guess this might be some algorithm/codec/core process of OBS studio (which apparently absent in Classic version). What could that be?

After all these tests I plugged in my Blue Yeti USB microphone - same issue. Audio drop-outs while using OBS Studio. Then I managed to find another interface (borrowed an ancient M-Audio Fast Track from a friend). Same again. With the last 2 devices these drop-outs were somewhat rare though.
Another thing. One time I was able to reproduce and intensify these particular 20ms drop-outs by messing up sample rates (48000 in one setting and 44100 in another). Maybe this suggests something in OBS recording/encoding/syncing algorithms makes audio-device to re-switch its sample rate?

What's going on here? This is a serious flaw that should be addressed ASAP!

I was on the brink of buying another interface, but now I understand there's zero point doing that.

There were quite a few topics about same issue, with this one most similar to mine:
I attached the log but obviously everything's fine there.
My system is Windows 10 21H1 and CPU - i7 7700K.


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I have a similar issue, my microphone in Obs stops working, and sometimes it stutters. I have to disable and enable it every time it randomly disconnects. And when it stutters I have to close every program I have opened which doesn't make sense. The interface (M-Audio air) works fine with any other program, sometimes in Discord also disconnects when entering a call.