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    Audio drop-outs/stutters using audio-interface, happens with OBS Studio only.

    TLDR: Audio drops out while using audio-interface with OBS Studio and OBS Studio only! While using audio-interface Behringer UMC204HD with OBS Studio, audio (both microphone and windows audio tracks) constantly and randomly (every 3-5 minutes) drops out for a short period of time, which sounds...
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    Question / Help Cannot record with NVENC

    For some reason, the last topic I created minutes ago got deleted (perhaps because I tried to edit it?) Hello, been using OBS classic to record game sessions for a while. At some point, it stopped working. When I try to record with NVENC (preferred), the output file has no time and no frames...
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    Question / Help Need help with Avermedia and OBS

    Hello everybody. Here is my problem: I´m triying to set up my Avermedia capture device for streaming with OBS. I tried everything I found on the Internet but I still can´t make it work. Allways I add a Video Capture Devide into my scene, go to device selection, select LGP Stream Engine and try...