1. Alaghi

    Using Focusrite interface to stream more than 2 L/R inputs without glitches

    I have a Clarett+ 4pre USB, using for recording and streaming on OBS on Mac. I mainly stream live music, sometimes I need to setup more than L/R pair of microphones and mix it in a DAW before to stream. It known that OBS just sees the input 1 and 2 for streaming. If you want to capture the...
  2. M

    HELP :( Clipping or ? in recorded video from DAW

    OK folks. I have been working on this for 3 days almost nonstop. I can record (usually my guitar) in OBS just fine. it sounds great. I can record my guitar in my DAW, it sounds great. I can't record from any DAW (tried Ableton light, and reaper) to OBS without clipping sounds in the playback...
  3. S

    Audio Application, ASIO, and DAW

    Why won't OBS pick up the sound from Ableton when I select ASIO as my audio driver? I am using am using the Audio Application plugin in OBS. It was capturing the sound direct from the saw when I was using WAVE and DX drivers, but they only worked half of the time and otherwise created horrible...
  4. N

    The New version of OBS doesn't take .dll anymore?

    Hi, i'm a musician who use OBS to record my recording sessions. I had to install a dll to hear the sound of my software Reaper. But... I've installed the new version of OBS, 28.0.1, and it tell my all my plugins doesn't works anymore. Just lua and py are avaible.... What is this mess? I...
  5. P

    Monitor streaming audio output om my DAW-interface

    Hi! I livestream sports and the most important input for me are 3 microphones. I have set up my Tascam US-4x4hr so that I get 4-channel into OBS and by that I can use VST-plugins on each interface to process the sound. My DAW-interface has the option to monitor the audio that comes into the...
  6. D

    Audio drop-outs/stutters using audio-interface, happens with OBS Studio only.

    TLDR: Audio drops out while using audio-interface with OBS Studio and OBS Studio only! While using audio-interface Behringer UMC204HD with OBS Studio, audio (both microphone and windows audio tracks) constantly and randomly (every 3-5 minutes) drops out for a short period of time, which sounds...
  7. M

    8 Mic Inputs - > OBS

    Hi all, I'm very new here, and I've been searching the forums/google for the answer, but nobody seems to have the exact issue. My band and I would like to live stream to OBS using 8 microphones. We've tried several options, but nothing seems to work all the way... Problems/conditions: -...
  8. Y

    Stream Crashes after ~1 hour, Cannot restart OBS/BSoD

    This has been an occurrence for over a year, but used to not happen. Being very aware that DAWs are high in CPU usage, I've already tried using as few apps as possible, closing background apps as well. Only occurring while using FL Studio. Basically, going as far as to completely closing out of...
  9. Cfellathegreat

    OBS Crashes My Imac While Running Any Music Daw

    Peace creators, my OBS is running on imac and crashes not only the app, but oftentime my entire mac crashes while running any music daw. I really want to create video tutorials, if someone can help i'd truly appreciate it!
  10. C

    Question / Help Play head in Studio One not visible in OBS

    Hi, first post so bear with me. I'm recording my DAW workflow (Studio One) but OBS doesn't appear to pick up the verticle playhead that shows what position I'm at on the timeline. I've taken screenshots and uploaded them here - OBS_Studio One screen grabs I have V20 of OBS so uninstalled...
  11. S

    Question / Help How can I capture video and audio coming from Studio One (DAW)?

    Hello everybody...my first thread here, I need to do a video with audio signal coming from Studio One via ASIO drivers, since OBS Studio doesn't support ASIO drivers natively I have downloaded a plugin called 'obs-asio-installer_1.3.1', developed by some members of this forum I think, and which...
  12. Dihelson Mendonca

    Question / Help Pops and clicks when using Focusrite interface !

    This is odd ! I run two audio interfaces on the same computer. I use them to DAW ( Digital audio workstation ), I record professional audio. My interfaces are a Focusrite Pro 40 and an old EchoAudio Layla 24. I run Sonar X3 as DAW, no problem ( I use only on focusrite ). When I use OBS, I need...
  13. theMuzzl3

    Suggestions From An OBS Noob

    Heya, I am David Pixley theMuzzl3. Here are (some) of my recent ideas. I'll have more, later. I encourage others to reply with further suggestions, based on what I've started. I must say: I'm hopeful that the REAPER dev's & OBS dev's (or dev?) continue to work together, and grow the...
  14. theMuzzl3

    Question / Help Apps' Separated Audio Signals -> REAPER -> OBS

    I wanted to keep this as short as possible, but ehhh... whatever, I am theMuzzl3. Its either STFU or let it out. ~~~My goal: To send multiple audio signals into DAW, from various applications, into DAW (as separate lines of audio); and to send the separated audio signal from DAW (and/or...
  15. NordicNugz

    ASIO Driver Support

    Can we please get an ASIO compatibility update or plugin for OBS? ASIO is basically the industry standard driver setting for DAW programs, (Digital Audio Workstation) and is currently not supported by OBS. The only option to get OBS to pick up your DAW output is to add another program to...