Monitor streaming audio output om my DAW-interface


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I livestream sports and the most important input for me are 3 microphones. I have set up my Tascam US-4x4hr so that I get 4-channel into OBS and by that I can use VST-plugins on each interface to process the sound. My DAW-interface has the option to monitor the audio that comes into the interface directly as well as using a mix knob that gives the possibility to send the processed sound from the computer back to the interface to hear the audio.

Other applications can send the audio back to the interface so that I can hear the audio in the headphones on the DAW-interface but with OBS it is not working.
I have spent hours and hours trying to find answers to this problem.

I have looked at Voicemeter Banana but with this it seems like I am missing the possibility to process each channel individually as I can do directly in OBS.

The Tascam comes with a software for managing the way the unit behaves but this does not seem to work with OBS.

Could Virtual Audio Cable be a solution to my problem or is it another way?

BTW - If you need a scoreboard application for your stream, check out Universal Scorebord that you can find in the Tools section here on the forum