1. D

    Die Bildschirmaufnahme nimmt immer den zweiten Monitor zur Aufnahme

    Hallo Leute, mein Setup besteht aus zwei Monitoren. Der LG Monitor ist mein Hauptmonitor. Der zweite ist von Samsung. Nun habe ich das Problem das Obs nur meinen zweiten Monitor für Bildschirmaufnahmen verwendet und nicht wie eingestellt meinen Hauptmonitor. Könnt ihr mir bitte hierbei helfen? VG
  2. A

    Dual Monitors - One Monitor recording VERY washed out.

    Hi all, using latest version of 64 bit OBS, Windows 10. I have two monitors, Monitor #1 is a LG Ultragear (Display port), Monitor #2 is a Dell P2417H (HDMI). When I record anything on Monitor #1, even though it looks fine on my actual monitor, on OBS the colors are extremely faded and dull. If...
  3. mayo0323

    I want to record an external display via websocket.

    I want to record an external display connected to my PC via websocket. Is there an API method that would automatically detect & configure the external display? Also, Is the following URL “OpenProjector” relevant...
  4. V

    my monitor shows same as my main monitor

    my monitor shows same as my main monitor and i cant see my other 2 monitor in my monitor settings
  5. L

    Screen Capture Resolution Issues for Youtube?

    Hey all, New to recording, I was hoping someone might have a quick answer to my question. My current monitor sucks, it's a 10+ year old Dell laptop. In order to get decent quality, I have BG3 windowed at a 16:10 Aspect Ratio, but only a 1280 x 800 Resolution. It looks decent on my screen...
  6. Eviluess

    [Feature Request] Create a Virtual Monitor/Display

    Hey guys! I think creating a virtual display/monitor for OBS would be quite an easy feature. And with that, I could easily achieve the following use case: -- Fix the poor mini-led monitor representation. And here's how: 1. Let the game use the virtual monitor to display the game scene (must...
  7. H

    Distinguish Monitors By Something Other Than Index?

    I have four USB HDMI capture cards plugged into four different laptops which have their video stream sent to them from a desktop running OBS. There are several HDMI cables running from the desktop into each HDMI port of each capture card, which is then plugged into each laptop via USB. The...
  8. P

    Hidden FPS drop when OBS is on second monitor.

    This one is a doozy, and there's a really good chance has to do with my second monitor having only 30hz refresh rate, but there's a few things that make me think otherwise. My two monitors are 185hz and 30hz respectively. Up until a few weeks ago streaming games hasn't been an issue for me but...
  9. M

    Virtual Cable Monitoring Mic + 'Media Source' working for all apps EXCEPT Zoom!

    This one is super confusing... I have successfully got OBS + Virtual Cable A+B running and sending both the audio from my mic and an 'applause' sound effect being sent to `virtual cable A`. I know this is working fine, because when I got to my mac's `Systems Settings > Sound > Input' and...
  10. T

    Option to have Monitoring default to On when adding new source

    I like to run all of my audio through monitoring, but this means that every time I add a new source (in my case, new video clips) I need to manually set monitoring options in their Advance Audio Properties in the Audio Mixer from "Monitor Off" to "Monitor and Output". Each stream I add...
  11. Cheddare

    Workarounds for not fading monitored audio

    Hi, this might be a bit of an unusual problem - some time ago I found out that OBS has all the functionality that I need to mix audio for my RPG sessions (private "at home with friends" kind of sessions): Custom Scenes Looping Audio Smooth Transitions Remote Control etc. I've tried to play my...
  12. M

    4 webcam + 2 monitors - wich videocard ?

    hi, i have 4 usb webcams, and i want to add a second monitor. i'm using a debian based distro. wich videocard you recomend? it will help working better? or i need something else? it gets kind of miswork when i add a transparent png for background and a mov(quicktime) for displaying tittles like...
  13. K

    The problem of monitors with different hz

    There are two monitors: The first 240 Hz 2k Second 60 Hz full hd Launch obs - transfer it to the second monitor. We launch the game (for example, CS GO) - it is on the first monitor. The problem is that the game on the first monitor stops displaying 240 Hz and clearly drops to 60 Hz. Not...
  14. Wilzzu

    Is there a way to capture display by monitor ID?

    I have 3 monitors and when playing a game I usually disconnect the other two with a external program. This sometimes switches the display order in the display capture list and the final recording results in a black screen, because it's trying to record a display that is actually disconnected. Is...
  15. H

    Output monitor

    Hi I have 9 TVs I want to play the show that is in Streaming Live on YouTube itself on the 9 TVs that I have How do I do that I have an hdmi splitter I want to show only the show that comes out in the Live. And I'm using OBS
  16. AyRatul

    OBS Python OBS Basic Jumpcut 0.0.1

    Since i do jumpcuts on postproduction, and it takes me1 hour at least, i decided to make a simple script that i could configure to record videos with jumpcuts ¿How does it work? Enabled = if true then the script will work WHEN OBS IS RECORDING, you need to manually start/stop the recording...
  17. yonkiman

    How do I send OBS's Monitor Output to *2* audio devices instead of just one?

    Audio/Advanced/Monitoring Device only has an option for one output. Is there any way to send it to 2 different audio devices? This is a major simplification of the overly-complicated question I posted an hour or two ago (would delete it if I could).
  18. G

    webcam delayed with second monitor plugged

    when i use a second monitor and i use other programmes like safari my webcam signal seems to be delayed with my movements, i cannot fix this delaying my mic because this lag changes trough time. this is very bad for my streams because at first you hear my voice and then you see my lips moving...
  19. T

    HELP | Does My Laptop Matter For OBS If I'm Using My PS4/Monitor?

    Hi everyone! I'm in the process of kickstarting my YouTube channel and I'm trying to get the appropriate equipment without doing too much. I plan to record my gameplay on OBS, using a capture card that is connected to a monitor and my PS4. I tried to run OBS and record on my MacBook Air, but...
  20. T

    Browser source crackle/stutter on monitor audio

    I've had this problem for a while where alerts, media share and browser source with audio alerts crackle or stutter when played. The funny thing is that it's only on monitor only and not on the actual output. My stream is set up this way: All browser sources is set to monitor (mute output) My...