The problem of monitors with different hz


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There are two monitors:
The first 240 Hz 2k
Second 60 Hz full hd

Launch obs - transfer it to the second monitor.
We launch the game (for example, CS GO) - it is on the first monitor.

The problem is that the game on the first monitor stops displaying 240 Hz and clearly drops to 60 Hz.

Not interested in solutions such as:
1. Move the obs to the first monitor (Then why do I need a second monitor at all?)
2. hz overclocking on the second monitor (It will not accelerate to 240hz - it will just be a black screen)
3. Buy a second monitor at 240hz (I'm not a millionaire and why do I need a second monitor at 240 Hz for obs and chat at all)

There are examples of streamers whose main monitor is 360hz, and the obs is on another monitor, which definitely does not have such a display frequency. So they somehow solved this problem. And I think the answer can be found on this forum. Thanks