1. N

    Minecraft screen tearing when OBS is open

    Minecraft runs at 200-300fps all the time. But when I open OBS (not even recording or streaming) the game has screen tearing on fullscreen. and drops FPS I found a fix and that is to minimize OBS and then to go into Minecraft, that fixes it (it is smooth) So my question is (is there some fix so...
  2. M

    Refresh rate OBS recording

    144hz or 60hz ?! I want to record some good gaming footage on OBS but i am confused about the refresh rate. My monitor has a 144hz refresh rate but OBS only allows me to record 60fps. So now i am not sure if i get better footage when i change my monitor to 60hz to match or does this not even...
  3. D

    Question / Help 144HZ OBS Dual Rig NDI Stuttering

    Hey gamers. I've been trying to record and stream from my 144hz gaming computer to my streaming rig. I've tried everything but when I'm at 144hz it has terrible frame stutter. My gaming PC isn't dropping FPS in game or losing frames My recording PC isn't dropping frames either. I've found...
  4. cobbrra

    Question / Help Stream not smooth

    I found out that if I lock my FPS to 60 my stream looks butter smooth but if I don't lock it or lock it to some value like 72, it looks like low FPS. My GPU doesn't get past 80% - 85% and CPU doesn't get past 65% - 70% so they are not the problem. Normally I wouldn't mind locking it to 60 but I...
  5. KOsMILE

    Question / Help Two monitors 60 and 144 Hz. Stream lags.

    Hi everybody. In general, I purchased a second monitor 144 Hz (Asus VG258Q) and decided to stream in conjunction with a 60Hz monitor. I configure the game under 144 FPS for the main monitor and start the stream. And I see that the stream begins to lag. And these lags look like I'm watching a 20...
  6. Z

    Question / Help Fps Drop While Streaming

    Hello Everyone i have good computer and good internet i7-8700k gtx 1060 3gb 16 ram 144hz monitor internet : 200 download | 200 upload and my stream settings is: encoder-x264 bitrate-8000 cpu usage preset-ultrafast profile-main resolution/fps-1920p60 .dont metter the streaming, when my obs...