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I found out that if I lock my FPS to 60 my stream looks butter smooth but if I don't lock it or lock it to some value like 72, it looks like low FPS. My GPU doesn't get past 80% - 85% and CPU doesn't get past 65% - 70% so they are not the problem. Normally I wouldn't mind locking it to 60 but I have a 144 Hz monitor so 60 FPS looks a little bit choppy but 72 FPS looks fine. So is there a way around this problem or is this normal? (My second monitor is 60 Hz btw.)

Upload Speed: 4Mbps

PC Specs:
  • GPU: GTX 1080 8GB
  • RAM: (2X8GB) 3000MHZ
  • CPU: I7 8700K (OC'd to 5.0GHZ)

Output Settings:
  • Rate Control: CBR
  • Bitrate: 3500
  • Keyfram Interval: 2
  • CPU preset: Fast
  • Profile: High

Video Settings:
  • Base Res: 1920x1080
  • Output Res: 1280x720
  • Down Filt: Lanczos (Sharpened scaling, 32 samples)

  • Process Priority: High
  • Low latency: Enabled