1. T

    Fix for OBS stutter,and flickering in g-sync monitors with high refresh rate

    Hope it Helps! for people with 120,144,240hz etc with g-sync in nvidia panel go to program settings choose obs and choose fixed refresh in monitor technology,use 3d aplication setting in vertical sync and in preferred refresh rate choose application controlled! cheers! this fix problem with...
  2. B

    Issues with 144 fps recording (replay buffer stopping, can't stop recording)

    I started using 144fps for recording recently and noticed some weird issues going on, most notably the following: Some times my replay buffer will just stop for no reason, it happens randomly, some times after a few minutes and some times after a few hours Randomly, when I press the stop...
  3. T

    Lag/stuttering on dual 144hz monitors

    Recently got a 144hz monitor as my main monitor, its QHD with freesync. After I got this, my pc started to lag/stutter in certain games like Knockout City, Rogue Company and Genshin Impact, while other games like Minecraft (with shaders) different horror games and fortnite runs fine. I figured...
  4. C

    My monitor freezes, black screen and turn off stream

    Hi, first of all im sorry for my english. I will try to explain as understandable as possible. This problem has been occurring since I changed my monitor from 1920x1080 60hz to a 2560x1440 144hz (AOC Q27G2WG4). Before buying this new monitor I inquired to see if my pc could run on this...
  5. badneck

    Switching from NDI to capture card, had some questions.

    Hey so I've finally come to the realization that no matter how much troubleshooting I do, NDI will always look a little less natural than the high qaulity cap card streams that I've been comparing it to. I'm thinking of getting a HD60 but had some questions regarding the screen tearing issue...
  6. RetroOgre

    Question / Help Fractional FPS Value - What does it do?

    Let's start from the beginning... I broadcast at 900p60fps from a single PC, Dual monitor setup. Both monitors can go up to 144hz, however I have them locked at 120hz. Games play great, and OBS never shows any render, nor encoding lag. However, when using Common or Integer FPS, locked at 60FPS I...
  7. A

    Question / Help On the 144 Hertz monitor, game capture is slow

    When I turn on 144 Hertz on the monitor, the capture of the game starts to slow down. In the settings it is worth limiting the cleanliness of the frames but the game is slowing down anyway. What should I do?
  8. Matthew Paluch

    Question / Help Even with NVENC card, i need to use CPU encoding right?

    Card - GTX 1660 SUPER, bought mainly so I could encode with NVENC but, my monitor is 1440p@144hz - since i run high/max graphics settings, i never hit 144 fps. So, for example war thunder, im around 110fps - but doesnt that mean the GPU is maxxed out, *trying* to hit 144fps? So it has zero...
  9. cobbrra

    Question / Help Stream not smooth

    I found out that if I lock my FPS to 60 my stream looks butter smooth but if I don't lock it or lock it to some value like 72, it looks like low FPS. My GPU doesn't get past 80% - 85% and CPU doesn't get past 65% - 70% so they are not the problem. Normally I wouldn't mind locking it to 60 but I...
  10. N

    Question / Help Monitor 144 Hz + OBS = drop fps in games and OBS

    Hey, I got big problem with OBS studio + any game exactly a drop fps in games and OBS (when they started ) . Namely, when I had a 2x Full HD monitor 1920-1080 with 60 Hz refreshing everything worked without a problem in the game and obs. However, when I bought a new monitor exactly...
  11. zfleeman

    Question / Help Ryzen 2700X High CPU, 144hz Dual PC Streaming, Headaches...

    Here is the log file for my most recent recording test: https://pastebin.com/nw8ywBNM I have been slowly building a second PC for streaming. I have a nice gaming rig with two 144hz monitors, and I wanted to be able to stream new/nicer looking games that are running on my PC with a second...

    Question / Help Resolution Not Supported for Resizing

    Hello: Here is my current setup. I have a 240hz monitor and that is on my gaming box. I have a laptop and using the AverMEDIA live gamer ultra. At any rate, setup everything and things were working alright. However, This was a new setup from scratch and so while tuning, I realized that my...
  13. T

    Question / Help OBS DROP FRAMES

    Hi I am using a 144hz monitor. Obs is drop fps when I close vsync in any game. My system will not fps drop. My computer can do that. I need your help
  14. N

    Question / Help Having issues with my 144Hz monitor

    I can't seem to find a fix or a blog for this problem anywhere so I'm making my own. I'm using an ASUS 144hz VG(something or whatever) and I have it plugged in via mini DP. The reviews on the display port says that it runs 144 hz on 1080p (what Im looking for), my PC can run 144, and my monitor...
  15. KOsMILE

    Question / Help Two monitors 60 and 144 Hz. Stream lags.

    Hi everybody. In general, I purchased a second monitor 144 Hz (Asus VG258Q) and decided to stream in conjunction with a 60Hz monitor. I configure the game under 144 FPS for the main monitor and start the stream. And I see that the stream begins to lag. And these lags look like I'm watching a 20...
  16. R

    Question / Help OBS is forcing 60hz on CS:GO on 144hz single monitor setup

    When I have OBS open, and I enter csgo it s laggy , but fps are the same as before (150-200+). I think it is forcing 60hz, because if I use shadowplay it is not lagging like that.Is there any fix to that?
  17. Z

    Question / Help Fps Drop While Streaming

    Hello Everyone i have good computer and good internet i7-8700k gtx 1060 3gb 16 ram 144hz monitor internet : 200 download | 200 upload and my stream settings is: encoder-x264 bitrate-8000 cpu usage preset-ultrafast profile-main resolution/fps-1920p60 .dont metter the streaming, when my obs...
  18. F

    Question / Help OBS 144fps

    So, I have a 144hz monitor and I play Rocket League at 144 fps. However, OBS can only go up to 60 fps. Is there some way to increase it to 144 or at least sunc it with the 144 fps? When I lower Rocket League to 60 fps, the recording syncs perfectly, but I would like to play with 144 fps. In the...
  19. F

    Question / Help 144 fps?

    So, I have a 144hz monitor and I play Rocket League at 144 fps. However, OBS can only go up to 60 fps. Is there some way to increase it to 144 or at least sunc it with the 144 fps? When I lower Rocket League to 60 fps, the recording syncs perfectly, but I would like to play with 144 fps. In the...
  20. P

    Question / Help Elgato HD 60 Pro + Switch and Streaming/Recording

    Hi guys, my setup as follows: Elgato HD 60 Pro installed Mainmonitor: Acer Predator 144 Hz G-Sync Displayport to GPU for Gaming Secondmonitor: Old Acer 60 Hz DVI to GPU for Chat etc Nintendo Switch via HDMI to Elgato IN There are two scenarios for me: 1. Just capturing Switch Gameplay to my...