Question / Help Having issues with my 144Hz monitor


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I can't seem to find a fix or a blog for this problem anywhere so I'm making my own. I'm using an ASUS 144hz VG(something or whatever) and I have it plugged in via mini DP. The reviews on the display port says that it runs 144 hz on 1080p (what Im looking for), my PC can run 144, and my monitor is explicitly advertised as a 144hz gaming monitor. I've already tried troubleshooting my hardware and it says nothing is wrong, and I have the latest GPU updates. YET when I try to switch my monitor into 144hz-1980x1080p it says that I might not have administrative authority, and that "SYSTEM SETTINGS ARE INVALID". I've tried every combination of resolution on 144hz and all it says is the same thing. It will only accept resolutions that are paired with 60hz. WTF do I do!